10 Easy Ways To Make Money Without Doing Anything

10 Easy Ways To Make Money

Are you in search for easy ways to make money without doing anything? The fact is that you cannot earn money without doing anything in the beginning. In the beginning you have to put some effort but there are some ways wherein gradually after some time you will be able to earn without doing anything.

Today we will discuss some such ways where you can make money with little to no effort. You can make extra money without doing much by using apps, basic investment tools, and smart shopping strategies.

Even though some of these strategies require some initial effort, they have the potential to earn you long-term passive income.

The following are 10 easy ways to make money without doing anything or with very less effort.

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10 Easy Ways To Make Money

Write A Book

Okay, so this one requires some effort. However, suppose you are an expert on a subject. You’re pretty much done when you write the book, put your knowledge on paper, and get it published.

After that, you will receive royalties for each book that people buy. The terms of your contract with the book publisher determine the exact amount of royalties.

If you self publish on Amazon or another self-publishing platform, there are standardized contracts that pay out depending on how many people download the ebook or read it through Amazon’s ebook-lending program. That way, you can cut out the middlemen of the publishing industry and make a higher percentage of profit from your own book.

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Create An Online Course

Let’s say you are an expert in a particular subject, but you don’t think a book is the best way to convey the information you want to share.

You can do it by writing a course online. For instance, you can create one, upload it to Udemy, and set your own prices. You will be paid whenever the course is purchased. This is the best way to create a passive income source.

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Make A Website And Earn Money From Ads

Create a website if you are an expert in a subject but cannot use it for a book project or online course! Make a website and your guide on a platform like WordPress, Weebly, etc. Then, on your website, sell online ads, which you can do with Google, for instance, to make money every time someone reads your work.

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Make A YouTube Video Guide

Let’s say you know a lot about a subject, but you don’t want to share it in a book, online course, or blog post. You can also think about making a YouTube video.

There are thousands and thousands of guides covering every topic on YouTube. You can make a video about doing a factory reset on an iPhone if you know how to do it well. You can make a video about the terminology of your profession.

Similarly as with the web, YouTube allows you to set up advertisements on your videos. Your videos will be found by people looking for those topics, they will watch them, and the ad revenue will keep coming in forever.

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Refer People To Apps

A referral program is one where a company pays you a commission for recommending its product or service to others. Most apps like Uber, Zomato offer you some credit for every person you refer who uses the app.

Similarly you can earn money online by referring The Money Club App. The Money Club is a fintech company that has built an AI-based savings and lending tool to enable the individuals to save, borrow and invest money digitally. If you invest your money, you get 15%-20% interest per annum. Not only this, you can also borrow on this app at any time with a low interest rate. For every referral you earn Rs 200.  Besides, you can also work as an agent and earn money sitting at home.

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Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays you too must be doing online shopping and your acquaintances must also be ordering a lot of goods online. Now whatever goods we order online, they are mainly ordered with the help of a few selected big shopping websites such as Meesho, Flipkart, or Amazon etc. So now you can not only shop through this website but also earn money through them. If you help in selling the goods of their website, then you will get its commission. This is known as affiliate marketing. For this, first of all, you have to create an affiliate account on these websites and then share that link on your social platform. When good are sold, you easily earn money.

Use Micro Investing Apps To Invest Your Spare Change

The micro investing apps offer a safe, relatively stable way to make a little extra money. These apps let you link credit or debit cards to it. When you make a purchase, it rounds up the price and then invests the difference into stock portfolios. Some of these apps are Acorns, Deciml, Stash etc.

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Sell Your Photography

If you’re a photography hobbyist, it’s a relatively simple way to make some money from your photographs. You can submit your photos on Shutterstock, Getty, iStock etc. You just have to follow their guidelines and upload your photos. Then when someone downloads your photos through them, they’ll pay you a fee.

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Become a Captcha Solver

If you want to earn money without much effort you can become a Captcha Solver You will find many captcha solver sites like CaptchaTypers, ProTypers, Captcha2Cash, 2Captcha, Qlinkgroup, VirtualBee etc where you can earn money by solving captcha images and exact characters.

Take Online Surveys to Make Money

You can make money easily by taking online surveys. That sounds exciting! Indeed, there are many survey companies that send you simple online surveys in which you are asked to provide feedback on particular products or services. These businesses use your feedback to improve their products.

Because there are only a few options from which to choose when taking an online survey, it is not difficult at all to complete it. There is no right or wrong answer because they only see your perspective. A survey may take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes to complete, depending on its length. You can earn up to Rs. 1000 per day by spending just two to three hours per day.

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