10 Real Money Earning Apps In India You Should Know

real money earning apps

Do you want to work from home and make money online? Everybody needs money these days, and making money with apps is now really simple. After doing a lot of research on all online apps, we have compiled a list of top 10 real money making apps that can improve your life.

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Real Money Earning Apps In India


Most of the time, housewives or homemakers want to have a small job that can bring in some money. However, finding a legitimate platform is always difficult. Sheroes is a platform for women that offers a variety of ways to make money. It is one of the real-money earning apps in India that focuses on the financial empowerment of women of all educational backgrounds.

Any skill can be used to make money, from Mandala art to cooking. Women can also take advantage of opportunities to work from home and offer them to the community.

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Meesho is one of the best real money earning apps in India without investing money. But do you know how to actually make money using Meesho?

Meesho, one of India’s leading reselling platforms, gives people the chance to buy and sell products without having to pay anything. One must be registered as a reseller with the app in order to do this. You must complete the following steps following the completion of the account setup:

Choose the item you want to resell.

Add the cost of your commission to it.

Make it accessible to purchasers via the platform.

Post about your products on social media.

When a sale occurs, Meesho will deposit your commission into your bank account. A large number of sellers have joined the platform due to its user-friendly interface. The reseller’s club for the platform currently has accounts for 20% of Meesho’s community, which includes students and housewives. On the platform, you can choose from more than one lakh product options in a variety of niches, such as clothing, cosmetics, skin care products, kitchen appliances, home decor, and so on. A reseller can make up to 25,000 INR per month on Meesho.

In addition, each time a user uses the shared link to sign up, you can refer them to this platform and earn commissions as well as discounts.

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Shopify is another trusted real money earning apps in India. Certainly, you can set up an online marketplace for your business using the platform. Over 1.75 million businesses are currently making money from the platform. One can earn money on Shopify in any one of the following three ways: Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, and Opening a Shopify Store.

The Shopify Marketplace is a must-have location for any business selling goods or services. 500 million customers make up Shopify’s customer base. There are therefore numerous ways to earn money from the platform, whether you choose to affiliate market or dropship or open your own online Shopify store.

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With over 2 million merchant accounts and 290 million customer accounts, Amazon ranks among the best e-commerce sites and real money earning apps. This platform offers more ways to make money than just selling. You can undoubtedly accumulate some useful cash in your Amazon Pay Balance if you make use of the app for shopping and fund transfers. Cash and gift cards are given as the referral reward. Users can also win money by participating in quiz competitions on the platform. For example, earlier this year, the platform hosted daily quizzes with exciting cash prizes of up to 25,000 INR.

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The Money Club

In India, there is also an online real money making app called The Money Club. You can get a high return on your investment with a small investment. Download the Money Club app and sign up for the platform. The Money Club is a registered online chit fund where you can earn money in a variety of ways, such as through the Refer and Earn Program, investing in chits, or Become an Agent . Read here to know your journey on the money club platform.

The referral procedure is very simple:

  • Log in to the Money Club application and select The “Refer and Earn” option. Read toknow how the Money Club app works.
  • Invite your friends to download and use The Money Club app by giving them the referral code.
  • Users receive Rs 200 (100 in cash and 100 in credit) for each referral.
  • You also earn bonus for every 5, 10, 15 and 20 referrals.

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If you know a lot about website analytics, the Userfeel app has a lot of potential for you. The app is on this list of India’s real money making apps because it serves as a platform for website testers to earn money.

Website testers are paid by clients to evaluate their websites. The length of the tests varies and requires extensive knowledge for analysis. A 20-minute test can earn you $10, or approximately 814.8 INR. Within a week of receiving approval, the tester is paid. The tester’s PayPal account can receive the payment, which is credited to their Userfeel Wallet.

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If you’re looking for real money making apps in India, Dream11 is a must-have. The app provides a large selection of appealing and lucrative sports leagues. This means that you can play kabaddi, hockey, or cricket and make money at the same time. When you can earn money from an online sports league app, ask a fan if they require anything more than that. Cricket is a popular sport in India.

The sign-up bonus that players receive can be used to participate in contests. Nevertheless, there are also no-cost competitions. Even though this game’s difficulty level is quite challenging for players, it is still a huge hit in India.

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 TagMango is a free Indian real money making app. Content creators and social media influencers can monetize their knowledge and insights on the app’s ideal platform. You can host group video calls, host workshops, create premium content, and give paid shout-outs to your community fans with any skill.

The graphics, sound, and user experience of TagMango will keep you and your audience engaged. Gamers, in particular, can make the most of its live stream feature. Creators can also earn money by promoting other brands’ products. Your bank account will be credited immediately with the subscription or any earnings.

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For all of the tutors and teachers out there, Wonk is one of the best real money making apps in India. You can earn money for your tutoring services because the app can add new students to your single-student batch. To become a certified WONK teacher, there are no difficult requirements. Based on a variety of factors, including experience, class, number of classes, etc., eligible tutors from all over the world teach on Wonk and earn between 250 and 1000 INR per hour.

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EarnEasy is one of the best real earning apps for students in India. Why? Because this mobile game application provides additional leverage through monetary rewards if all they want is to play appealing games. Additionally, the game selection is staggeringly vast. The player receives 50 INR upon signing up, 5 INR upon completing the games, and 15 INR upon referral. The app is one of the best ways to make money in India and accepts Paytm, UPI, and bank transfers.


In this article, we’ve talked about several real money making apps in India. However, before using an app, one should absolutely read its terms and conditions and privacy policies. Otherwise, there will be no benefit of crying over the spilled milk. Therefore, before disclosing any sensitive information, such as bank account information or access to features like auto-deduction, keep an open mind and use online apps to earn money safely.