50 Business Ideas For Ladies With Low Investment: Online Business Ideas

Business Ideas For Ladies

India is progressing in a number of ways. Today’s women are smart, self-assured, and career-focused whether they are at home or in the office. Many have even found success as entrepreneurs. Some are successful at running their own home-based businesses. You can get a lot of trusted online money earning sites where you can earn Rs  20,000-Rs 50,000 per month easily.

Thanks to the internet, women’s online businesses have exploded. Women are now successful and can earn big on their own terms. Running a business from home is easier, convenient and low in investment. This blog lists out some ideas for online business from home for ladies. Carrying out an online business definitely has its advantages, but it also presents its own set of challenges. The truth is, starting a business  of any kind requires a lot of hard work. You can also earn a handsome amount through online earning websites without investment. 

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Business For Ladies With Low Investment

Here are some businesses for ladies with low investment that you can start from the comfort of your own home.

Selling Handicrafts

Selling handicraft products online is a very lucrative and successful business idea for women. Different regions of India are well known for their distinctive handicrafts, including clay horses, woodwork crafts, jute bags, and more. People from all around the world are drawn to Indian handicrafts.

Therefore, selling regional handicrafts is a smart online business from home for ladies. You can do this on your own website or through a reputable online marketplace. You’ll discover that many internet vendors selling handcrafted, one-of-a-kind crafts have accounts on Amazon. If you’re interested in selling handcrafted, artisanal, and handicraft items online, you may sign up on Amazon Karigar to get started.

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Online Gift Store

Here is another business for ladies with low investment which is always in demand – the need for simple, cute, beautiful and affordable gift items. And trust us, this demand is rising. Therefore, you can start considering it as your ideal online business if you enjoy making simple and cute stuff (maybe even just for pleasure). The best thing is that you can do such a business at any time when you have free time (say only during weekends).

You can open an online gift shop and exclusively offer things that have been specially made (as per the demands of your customers). By doing this, every item you sell will be distinct and will always be special to your customers.

Sell Traditional Sarees

Selling traditional sarees online can be looked up as a lucrative online business idea for women. India is a treasure trove of exquisite traditional sarees that are cherished and treasured by people all over the world. Indian sarees are in high demand internationally and are a fantastic venture for ladies. Additionally, you have the option of opening a retail saree shop or using well-known e-commerce platforms to offer sarees to a global clientele.

Best Business Ideas With Low Investment

Custom Jewellery

Yes, another business for ladies with low investment which will never go out of is the huge demand for cool, chic jewellery. Selling custom made jewellery has been taken up by many as a profitable online business. The more unique the designs are, the more the demand.

Teach foreign language/IELTS

As more and more students and professionals are looking to study abroad for their studies or work, the demand for foreign language classes is on the increase. If you know a foreign language like French, German or Spanish you could easily take classes in such languages and start a small business without any great investment. This can be done online as well as offline. Along with that the need to clear foreign language exams like IELTS and PTE are also necessary. Additionally you can train people on clearing these exams. This in my view is the best business for ladies with low investment.

Refer and Earn

A referral program is where a company rewards you for recommending their product or service to others. The reward can come in the form of a fixed sum credited to your account, free hours on an app, eGift vouchers, or even prepaid debit cards. Basically, you get paid to refer a friend as a new potential customer for a business. It is the best online business from home for ladies.

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The process is quite simple:

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Cooking Classes

Popularity of shows such as MasterChef is an indication that cooking classes may be a great online business from home for ladies. It requires very low investment but can earn good profits. All you need is to set up a kitchen and equipment, the allied infrastructure, the raw materials, and cooking ingredients. You can offer these classes online as well as offline. At the same time you can also post videos your cooking videos on social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook , Instagram etc.

Computer Training Center

We are in an era where there is a huge demand for computer literacy and proficiency. If someone has a basic idea of how to operate a computer and how to work with simple tools such as the Microsoft Office suite of products – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the chances of employment are much higher. Hence, there is a great demand to learn computers, programming and the booming areas in technology such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, etc. If you are an expert in any such area, you can start a training center equipped with an internet connection, a few computers and learning aids such as whiteboards, projectors, etc. The business is determined by knowledge and hence the subsequent investment is low. You can run multiple batches for college students, working professionals, etc. and earn handsome money on a very small initial investment. 

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Sell Paintings/ Modern Art

This online business idea for women can be used as both offline and online business from home. The painting business is actually a quick and easy set-up and one of the best home business ideas, especially for those who have the skill to voice their thoughts through colours and patterns – and earn some extra buck by selling them too. You will find a lot of trusted online art selling platforms, which brings together independent artists, patrons and art lovers, and art collectors of-course.

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Soap Making

Soap-making is an art that can be perfected by attending a simple course available in most cities. Handcrafted, organic and herbal soaps and shampoo bars are in demand in the market as more people are switching to natural and organic cosmetics. Though raw materials like essential oils can be a bit expensive, on the whole the investment is not very huge. If you have the skills to make soaps using various ingredients, then you can make this hobby a business.

Web/ Social Media

In today’s digital age, most companies spend their marketing budgets on advertising through paid social media campaigns and digital channels. You could start your own venture to help companies establish a strong digital footprint if you have a good knowledge of marketing, communications, branding, web presence management and social media.

Homemade Chocolate Business

No matter what, home-made chocolates have a huge demand in the market. Be it any occasion or event chocolates are a must. With little investment in the raw material, you can start a home-based business making chocolates. With the help of social media platforms you can sell online.

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Some more creative and unique business for ladies with low investment are mentioned below:

  • Start your own blog / website
  • Yoga instructor
  • Wedding planner
  • Freelance Writer
  • Web designing
  • Nutritionist
  • Personality development coach
  • Career Counselor
  • Fashion Boutique
  • Matrimony services
  • Beauty and Spa
  • Sweet store
  • Catering services
  • Tiffin services
  • Child Care Centre
  • Music Trainer
  • Dance Classes
  • Home Furnishings
  • Affiliate marketer
  • Photographer
  • Tuition classes
  • Travel planning service
  • Event management 
  • Video creator
  • Cosmetics shop
  • Bakery and Cake Making Business
  • Selling E-Books and Courses
  • Launch a YouTube Channel
  • Translator and Voice over artist
  • Pickle and jam making business
  • Papad business
  • Tailoring business
  • Mehndi business
  • Reselling business
  • Readymade Garments
  • Plant/Nursery business
  • Interior Designing
  • Hobby classes