6 Referral Earning Apps (earn 1000 rupees daily)

Referral Earning Apps

In this article, we are going to tell you about the referral earning apps, with the help of which you can earn money sitting at home. I will tell you only about 100% Trusted referral earning apps, from which you will be able to earn Rs 250 to Rs 1000 per day comfortably.

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6 Referral Earning Apps

Let’s see the list of referral earning apps by which you can earn Rs 250 to Rs 1000 daily.

WinZO Gold App

WinZO Gold is India’s most trusted and popular referral earning apps , it is a one of a kind gaming app, in which you will get to see more than 100 popular fun games like Cricket, Ludo, Pool, Online Rummy, Carrom and Free Fire. You can win Daily Paytm Cash and real money by playing the game. There is also a referral earning of Rs 70 on this app.

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10 Real Money Earning Apps In India You Should Know

The Money Club

The Money Club is one of the most trusted app known for India’s best AI-powered online chit fund platform. This online referral earning app provides two options to earn money.

  1. You can earn Rs.20,000-25000 per month by becoming Money Club Agent and referring your friends to join online chit fund groups running on Money Club platform.
  2. By investing in Money Club, you can earn 4-5 times more returns than bank fixed deposits.

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Become A Money Club Agent – The Money Club

Money Club Referral Program

True Balance App

True balance is very good referral earning app. If you recharge from this application you get commission. You also get cashback in this app. Not only this, you also get money for referring. It also comes with spin wheel offer so that you can earn money while sitting at home.

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Amazon Pay App

Amazon Pay is also a very popular payment app with many features. With this we can recharge, shop, buy online digital service. To earn money in this, you have to refer many users. You can get 75 rupees for each refer.

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Google Pay App

Google Pay is a Payments app. With this we can transfer money from one bank to another. You can earn by referring this app. If you refer a new user then you get 200 rupees.

Telegram App

Telegram is a Chatting App and in this we can send files, photos, audio and text etc. to each other. But very few people that money can be earned from this app. To earn money from Telegram, you have to create a channel/group. If you are able to add a huge number of people in this group, you can earn money. Since you will have a lot of people you can also promote any website or product.

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So friends, in this article we have told you about 6 referral earning apps. We have told you about the most popular and trusted apps through which you can earn money.

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