A Complete Guide on How to Earn Money Online With Google

Earn Money Online With Google

Today, whenever we talk of earning money from the internet, the first thing that comes to our mind is Google. That is because all the ways to earn money online from home are linked to Google. You can earn money from Google very easily. Google has many services using which you can earn money online from home.

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Most people know about Google Search Engine and Google Pay App. But apart from this, there are many other services of Google that many people don’t know about. In this article we will discuss how to earn money online with Google services such as Blogger, Play Store, Adsense, AdMob.

How to Earn Money Online With Google?

Earn Money From Blogger

Blogging is a way with the help of which you can share information with people on the internet and earn money. Blogger is one of the services of Google. You can create a blog on Blogger. It is a simple process in which you need a Gmail id so that you can create a free blog. You also get a free sub domain which is like Abc.blogspot.com. Domain is a unique name of your blog, through which people know your blog.

So after creating a blog, you have to write a blog post on it, which will be your unique blog post. You must not copy your article from anywhere and put it on your blog. By doing this your posts will neither rank nor can you earn money from it. That’s why you have to write articles with your unique ideas. When users read your blog it will rank in Google, then you can earn money. There are many ways you can earn money from blogging, some of the main methods are as follows.

  1. Adsense – This is a service of Google through which you earn money. For this you just have to connect your blog to Adsense, after which ads appear on your blog. Now, whoever clicks on this ad, you earn money.
  2. Affiliate Marketing – If you write a review of a product on your blog, then you also earn money by promoting that product, for which you just have to give a link to that product. Whoever buys that product by clicking on the link, you get commission.

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Earn Money From Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a program with the help of which you can earn money from Blogger and Youtube. Google Adsense is basically an Ads Network. For this, you just have to connect your blog/website or Youtube Channel to Google Adsense, after which ads or promotion appear on your blog/website or Youtube Channel. You get paid according to the number of times ads are seen and the number of times the ad is clicked. There are some conditions to get approval of Google Adsense. Once you have good traffic on your blog you can send a request to Google Adsense for approval. The team will check certain parameters and then you get approval for ads and going forward you can start earning money. But in the case of YouTube you need a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to get approval for ads.

Earn Money From Google Play Store

Now you might be wondering how we can earn money from Google Play Store. You get to see millions of apps in the Google Play Store. You can earn money from Google by making your own app. This is an online business which is growing with online digitalization. You see a lot of ads in the apps we download. If you want to earn a lot of money from Google, then you can earn by making your own app. The more your app is downloaded, the more ads it will show and the more money you can earn from it.

Earn Money With Google Maps

Another way you can earn money online with Google is through Google Maps. We have used it to find a way to go somewhere, but did you know we can also earn money by using it. Whatever information you get in Google Map, that information is not put by Google, people like you and me add information.

To earn money from Google Map, you can become a local guide and add information about different places. In this way you can improve the Google Map for which Google will pay you money. All you have to do for this is to keep adding the area around you to Google Map properly.

Earn Money From Google AdWords

Google Adword is one such tool which is used for all the advertisements that appear on the internet. This is a keyword researching tool, with the help of which you can promote your product online. If you do affiliate marketing or you want to sell your product online, then you can use this tool of Google which gives you very good results. In order to get your sales you first need to run a campaign through Adwords where you need to pay per click.

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Earn Money From Admob

Just as Google Adsense is for earning money from Youtube and websites, in the same way Google Admob is for earning money from mobile apps. If you make apps then you can use Google Admob to earn from it. With this, you can monetize by placing ads on the application created by you. Google Admob is easy to use. You see how easy it is to earn money online from Google.

Earn Money From Google Task Mate

Google Task Mate is an app that consists of small tasks like doing a survey. By completing the tasks you can earn money from Google Task Mate.

For this, first you have to download Google Task Mate App from Playstore, after that you will get to see small surveys which you have to complete, for which Google gives you money. For example, suppose you have got a task in which you have to upload a photo of a shop or a photo of a beautiful house. You can complete the task, in return for which you earn some money. Ladies looking for online ways to earn money can easily do these tasks and earn money from the comfort of their home.

Earn Money From Google Opinion Reward

What is Google Opinion Reward? How to earn money from Google Opinion Reward? Now, this is basically a Google Survey App in which you have to do some small surveys. In these surveys, you have to answer some small questions and you earn money after every survey. You can use the money earned from it to buy anything from the Play Store.

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Earn Money With Google Pay

Nowadays, online transactions have become the need of everyone, whether it is mobile recharge or any other recharge, sending money or receiving money from someone, paying gas bill or checking gas subsidy. Online transactions take place everywhere.

If you do all the transactions online then Google Pay can be the best option for you because in this you get reward for the transactions done by you which goes directly to your bank. Millions of people are using Google Pay because its security is considered to be the best.

You can download Google Pay App directly from Play Store but if you download this app from someone’s referral link, then you also get a referral reward which is around Rs 50. After downloading the app you need to create a Google Pay account. For that you need a gmail id, a mobile number linked to your bank account and its ATM Card, without all this you cannot use Google Pay.

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There are several other apps through which you can earn money by referring. Refer and Earn is a very good way to earn money. To Refer and Earn, you have to download an app and create a referral link and share it with your friends on social media. If someone downloads that app with the help of your link then you get money for it. There are many apps which have the option to refer and earn like PhonePe, Paytm Money, The Money Club etc. The Money Club is a registered online chit fund platform in which you can earn money through various ways like Refer and Earn Program, Investment in Chits, Becoming an Agent, etc..

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Final Takeaway

In this article we have discussed how to earn money online with Google. Hope this information will be helpful for you.  Based on your skills you can explore these options, and then stick to any one of these ways which is appropriate for you. Earning money is not easy; you need to be patient and consistent in your work. Success is certain!