Best 8 Small Business Ideas For Women Entrepreneurs at Home

Business Ideas For Women

In Indian society, women have always been viewed as a source of power. In India, entrepreneurship isn’t just for men. The government is also interested in businesswomen and is encouraging low-interest business loans for women to help more women ride the tide of the nation’s expanding entrepreneurial market.

According to a recent Startup India Labs study, around 10% of unicorns in India are led by women entrepreneurs, such as Sugar, Nykaa, and others. The government has launched a number of initiatives to assist women in starting businesses, such as Bharathiya Mahila Bank, which provides women with MSME business loans of up to Rs. 1 crore with no collateral. NITI Aayog also helps women by sponsoring various business ventures through its Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) initiative.

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There are numerous key business areas where women can focus and start a business in the Indian market. Some of the small business ideas for women are fashion, lifestyle, communication, content marketing, education, healthcare, etc.

Women are naturally more passionate, and they can apply their skills through work-from-home opportunities as well as digitization. Furthermore, COVID taught us that having a skill and a source of income is just as important for women as it is for men.

Due to the convenience of online business loans and MSME business loans without any collateral, women with no job experience can also come up with startup ideas or start their careers without financial constraints.

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8 Small Business Ideas for Women

It is hard to list a few small business ideas for women because there is actually no limit to them. If a woman fixes her mind on something, she is equally capable of achieving it. However, there are certain domains where women have historically performed well and continue to do so. Some of them are listed below:

Professionals in Healthcare/Fitness

People all over the world are embracing a healthy lifestyle and exercise. People get their daily exercise from a variety of activities such as dance, aerobics, and yoga. Women can become professional trainers and own and manage gyms.

Some of the most popular and effective healthcare business ideas for women at home include:

Yoga and meditation centres: Women can learn yoga exercises and work professionally as yoga trainers and meditation gurus.

Zumba Instructors: Zumba is a popular dance form that many people use as a regular form of exercise. Women can start Zumba classes for people in their neighbourhood.

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Clothing and Fashion

Women have a strong sense of fashion, which can be used as a business idea because women are concerned with their appearance, which naturally leads to a keen understanding of various fabrics, colours, materials, and so on. Women can open their own clothing stores and boutiques.

Here are some fashion and clothing business ideas for women to consider:

Boutiques: Women’s clothing and accessories such as lehengas, suits, and kurtis are always in high demand. They can use their design skills to open their own and realise their dreams.

Online store: Social media and the internet have made it simple to start a business online. Women can start an online business where they can work from home and run their own business.

Bags and accessories outlet: Bags and other accessories such as jewellery, belts, shoes, and so on do well alongside clothing lines. These accessory stores are popular with women and can be profitable.

Embroidery and stitching: Women with little or no formal education can work in the stitching and embroidery industry. This is a skill that most rural women have and can earn good money with. Embroidery handwork is highly valued in the market, and it is possible to make a good living selling it online.

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Food and Bakery

Starting a bakery is one of the most enticing business ideas for home bakers or women with a passion for baking and cooking. Women can start an online bakery while also planning to open a retail store:

Tiffin service: Many young students and working men and women need to learn to cook or do not have time to cook due to their busy schedules. This is where housewives, passionate chefs, and cooks can enter the market and sell their culinary skills.

Online bakery- Online bakery businesses can save a lot of money due to lower capital and labour costs, as well as avoid food wastage because they can start with customised and made-to-order items only.

Cafes: Cafes are a huge hit among college students these days. They are the hot gathering place for youngsters.

Home-based catering business: Women who love cooking can start their own small catering business and take party orders for birthdays, anniversaries, kitty parties, etc.

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If you’re fluent in your language and enjoy writing, freelance content writing is for you. Freelancing is one of the best opportunities for women because it lets you sit at home and generate income by selling and showcasing your skills.

Technical Writing: Most IT companies are looking for writers to create various types of content these days. You can work as a freelance writer and can produce quality content.

Creative Writing: Advertising agencies and other institutions seek writers who can come up with creative ideas for advertisers, jingles, and other items. You can contact these agencies with your ideas and work as a freelancer for them.

Blogging is an excellent way to demonstrate your knowledge in your field of interest while also earning money. Women are extremely creative; this is an excellent way to set your own schedule and write whenever you have time. Women can write cooking blogs, post food recipes, discuss fashion and beauty, post-make-up reviews, childcare tips, travel blogs, and much more.

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Event Management

Because of their ability to perform multiple tasks at once, women have always been known for their management skills. Consider how your mother and grandmother would plan those elaborate family gatherings and festivals!

Women can excel in the management sector and seize opportunities to organise corporate parties, wedding receptions, functions, birthday parties, college events, and so on, allowing them to showcase their talents.

Some event management business ideas for women include:

Event specialist – After gaining experience in this field, one can advance to the position of event specialist. It is an excellent opportunity for them to discover new places and events while also establishing their own business.

Manager of social media – Social media management, where women can manage the profiles of various people and establish a brand name, is one of the most demanding and well-paid business ideas.

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Beauty Care Centers

Women can empower the beauty care industry. Women like indulging in beauty care and can make great entrepreneurs at it themselves. It is a great business idea for women since they know what the consumer wants and can deliver the best. The following are some of the best beauty care companies for women to own:

Salons and spa centres: Women can have their own salons and spa centres. Women are experts when it comes to hair and makeup. One of the many excellent business opportunities for young female entrepreneurs

Nail art salons: Nail art has become hype among ladies but not everyone is an expert at it. If you are, why not turn it into a business?

Bridal makeup artists: In recent years, bridal makeup has evolved. Women can keep in touch with recent trends and be the best in the field.

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Design Expert

Women enjoy decorating and designing things, which can be considered a skill if done professionally. There are numerous courses available on the market, including diploma and post-graduate courses, as well as certified courses, that teach designing skills in areas such as interior design, graphic and UI design, and so on.

Interior Designing- Interior design is more than just designing home interiors. Even corporations hire designers to design their offices, showrooms, malls, and cafes. With their skills, women can build a business and a brand name in this sector. Women are known for organising, cleaning, and beautifying their surroundings, which can help them master this small business idea.

Graphic Designing- Every business requires web developers, graphic designers, and user interface designers to manage their websites and various sales and promotional activities.

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Life Coaching And Tutoring

Online and offline coaching centres, as well as home-based tuition centres, are always viable options for women looking to start a business, manage household chores, generate income, and gain respect and confidence. Here are some teaching and coaching businesses that women can consider:

Tuitions: Women are intelligent and can form healthy relationships with children, which can help them advance in this field and provide tuition in their specialised subjects, such as science, English, and mathematics. Online tuition can help them reach a larger audience, use less energy, and build a strong network across India while incurring no capital costs.

Life coach: Women have a strong mindset and persuasive power that they can use to mentor and guide others.

So, these were some of the small business ideas for women at home. Choose the one which suits to according to your skills .

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Money is the most important factor in starting and running a business, and an entrepreneur must find ways to fund his small business. An entrepreneur has several options for funding his small business, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Investing your own money in the business is one of the simplest and most secure ways of getting started and becoming an entrepreneur. You can do whatever you want with your own money because there are no restrictions. Sometimes you may not be able to gather a lumpsum amount for your business. What to do now?

Alternative source of finance: Alternative finance, such as peer-to-peer lending, has proven to be beneficial for small businesses that are unable to raise funds from banks and NBFCs. Individual lenders extend money as a loan to small businesses through an online portal. The Money Club is one such safe and secure mobile platform to join and invest in a Peer to Peer Online Chit Fund. Its community banking app aims to make saving, investing, and borrowing money more efficient. Chit fund is an informal and efficient way to utilize savings for the participants to the fund and it provides means of savings and finance where traditional banking system cannot. Here, you can avail a loan on your own future contributions that too at lower interest rates as compared to banks.

Let us understand with the help of an example:

Rohit wants to be an entrepreneur. He wants to start his own online clothing business. To get started, he’ll need a lumpsum amount. He considered going to a bank to apply for a business loan, but quickly realised that not only was the process of getting a loan approved a herculean task, but the interest rate was quite high as well.

He even considered looking into some promising government start-up schemes, but most of them required valid project reports or required him to mortgage his business property or company assets.

Rohit can participate in the various clubs of the Money Club. By contributing a small amount every week of every fortnight he is eligible to take a lumpsum amount by bidding. In this manner, Rohit can obtain the entire amount he requires quickly and easily.

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