Best Apps For Saving Money- 10 Best Money Saving Apps

best apps for saving money

Generally, people save money for purchasing assets, marriage, vacations and so on, but it is difficult to do so these days. Fortunately, we live in a time where managing and saving money only requires a mobile app. By downloading a money-saving app for your smartphone, you will find it simple to reach your financial objectives. There are thousands of money saving apps available on the app store, but it’s crucial to pick the best savings app in order to not only save money but also help you spend where it is needed.

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But before you start to search for the best app that suits your needs, it is suggested that you create a budget which will cover all your expenses and savings. Financial goal management is one of the most effective strategies to set yourself up for future success and financial stability.

So, here are 10 best apps for saving money that can make a difference.

Money View

Money View, available on Android, is an excellent financial planning app that reads your SMS and updates your expenses and income to provide real-time visibility into your financial transactions. Here are the crucial features of Money View. You can get insights into your recent banking transactions and check your bank balances at a glance. Provide a weekly summary to help check overspending and thus, improve your financial planning efficiency with this best money saving app.

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Monefy App tracks your daily purchases, bills, and expenses to analyze your spending patterns. It compares them with your monthly income and manages your budgeting. It is an excellent expense tracker, provided you pay each bill online. However, the app also provides you with options to enter data manually. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily add your new records. It also synchronizes your data between multiple devices in a secure way.

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Money Manager

It is the best app for saving money, tracking expenses, and personal asset management. It also helps in financial planning by tracking your assets, managing your daily, weekly and monthly financial data and generating expense reports.

With Money Manager, you can track your budget and expenses graphically, which helps you to view the expenditure against your budget instantly. Your outstanding balance is displayed under the “Asset” page, and you may create an auto-debit feature by connecting your debit card to your account. You may quickly view your expenses by category and the changes to your assets, income, and expenses using a graphical interface. You can even make backup files in Excel format, retrieve them, and save and restore the contents whenever you like.


You can easily monitor and keep track of your spending, budget, and savings goals with the help of this money savings app. This app is also well known for its spending manager, money tracker, piggy bank tracker, savings planner, and budget planner features. You can always motivate yourself to track your spending and save money so that you can achieve your financial objectives. Additionally, it reminds you to put money aside so that you may continue working toward your objectives. You may view your savings progress in a calendar and detailed record using the app.

Money Lover

The Money Lover is one of the best saving apps. It enables you to simply save your money in a secure place from cash, credit cards, bills, saving accounts and more. It manages and tracks your daily expenses, incomes with the help of built-in receipt scanner function. You can study your spending, income for a particular date or category with the help of financial reports.

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Wallet is one of the best apps for saving money. It is a multi-purpose financial planning app that helps track your expenses and finances, helping you to prepare your financial budget every month. The app syncs your bank accounts and prepares weekly expense reports allowing you to plan your shopping accordingly. It is a personal finance app that comes with all planner features and helps you estimate your finances and budget better. It ensures automatic synchronization of your transactions. Similarly, it categorizes them accordingly for analysis. The app provides graphical analysis and actionable insights into your various accounts and transactions.


Mint is a wonderful option if you wish to manage your personal finances. The software analyses your spending patterns and offers practical advice on how to save more money and where to make cuts. Every transaction is automatically recorded and categorized. This money saving app makes note of your spending patterns and creates a budget. Moreover, it creates graphs to give you visual representations of your net worth and cash flow.

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Mvelopes is one of the best apps for saving money. At the beginning and end of each month, we frequently sit down with a pen and paper to calculate and monitor our expenditures. But in this digital age, Mvelopes takes care of everything for you automatically. You can use the application to break down your monthly spending into separate categories like rent, transit, and food. When one envelope is empty, you have two options: transfer the remaining funds to another envelope, or hold off until the following month’s pay. To monitor your online payments on the app, you can link up to four accounts.


YNAB is an immensely comprehensive yet simple-to-use budget interface. This money saving app focuses on zero-based budgeting, in contrast to other budgeting apps that just display past purchases. The software teaches you to use all of your money, including using it for debt repayment, spending, and extra savings.

We have discussed some of the best apps for saving money that help track your income and expenses. So, you get a fair idea of the amounts you save monthly. It helps decide your wants and your needs properly. A careful analysis can help plan your budget by reducing unnecessary spending and thus, increase your overall income.

An enhanced net savings level lets you deploy your surplus funds in various investment avenues. One of the most accessible investment avenues is the chit fund.

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How To Avoid Falling In A Debt Trap?

You should always try to avoid debt. Debt does not just have a monetary impact on people. It is a huge reason for mental tension and physical illness too. Just thinking about a long pending credit card bill can cause one’s anxieties to rise. The youth of today are falling into the debt trap quite easily because taking loans seems to be such an easy and hassle-free method for arranging funds. They don’t seem to understand the amount of harm mounting debt can cause. However, if you fall into a debt trap there is an app which helps you track your debts and provides an easy and effective way to manage your debts.

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DebtTracker Pro

DebtTracker Pro is an app for those in financial trouble. This app can help you on the road to financial recovery. Not only does the app recommend payment strategies it also sends reminders when payments are due. It takes time and effort to get out of debt, but this app will keep you organised during the process.

Change Your Way Of Saving! Invest In Online Chits!

Chit Funds are an ideal alternative to get out of debt. If you invest in a chit fund it will always serve as a backup when you need money urgently. You have reliable chit fund platforms like The Money Club that help in such situations. Invest in a chit scheme which has a 2-3 year tenure. Choose the appropriate prize amount based on the monthly payable installment that fits your budget and matches your financial goals. You can withdraw the entire chit prize money anytime you need money. No questions asked, no interest, no penalty. You can then continue making your monthly payments as before. There are no extra liabilities just because you took out the money early. On the other hand, if you reach the end of the tenure without making a withdrawal, you will earn a very good return on your investment ranging from 10%-15%.
The most exciting aspect of the Money Club Chit Fund platform is that it encourages you to save more by offering the best returns on your investments. You can synchronize such investments also on these financial apps and prepare your budget to help tide over any financial crisis.

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