Best Refer and Earn Apps in India: 10 Best Referral Apps

Best refer and earn App

The internet has made it possible to earn money in a variety of ways, with or without investment. Content writing, data analysis, app development, and other skilled jobs necessitate the acquisition of specific skills. Online trading is a great way to make money, but the trader must understand how the market works and stock trends. It necessitates extensive research. However, if you’re looking for a simple way to make money online, refer and earn apps should be ideal because all you have to do is refer people to the platform and encourage them to download, install, and use the app.

This article discusses the top refer-and-earn apps in India.

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Why is Refer and Earn such a popular trend today?

To begin, referring people to download a specific app does not necessitate any technical knowledge or skill. All you need is a large social media following. As a result, the more people you know, the more references you have. The more friends you refer to the platform, the more money you earn.

When a new app enters the market, it must entice customers. Though app developers have marketing strategies, they are insufficient to popularise the app. There is nothing like a referral procedure because of the trust factor. As a result, app developers run specific refer and earn campaigns to provide exciting incentives for people to refer the app to their friends and family.

How do the Refer and Earn programmes work?

It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge to understand how the refer and earn programmes work. All the user has to do is download the app and use it for whatever purpose they see fit. If users enjoy the app’s functionality and usability, they recommend it to their friends. Every user receives a referral code to share with those they refer. The referee must download the app using the referral code.

The company incentivizes users to refer as many people as possible to their platform. These incentives can take the form of cashback vouchers or discount coupons. Cashback is the preferred mode because it is deposited directly into the user’s savings account, whereas discount vouchers must be redeemed.

Let us now discuss the top refer and earn apps. Though hundreds of refer and earn apps exist, we will discuss the most popular ones that offer decent referral income.

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Top Refer And Earn Apps


Upstox is an online trading app that aids in the analysis and trading of Indian stock exchange markets. The user should be familiar with how stock markets work. This app provides investors and traders with the most recent charting tools and live market data. As a result, it is one of the most popular online trading apps and also the top refer and earn app in India.

This app is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store. However, users must first download and install this app on their smartphones.

  • The next step is to enter your mobile number and confirm the OTP you received via phone.
  • Enter the necessary information and finish the verification process.
  • You can begin trading online with the app.
  • You will be given a unique referral code that you can share with your friends.
  • When you refer friends to the platform, they can join by downloading the app on their smartphones and entering your referral code.
  • Upstox will pay you Rs 500 for each person you refer to the platform.
  • Furthermore, you can become a sub-broker by partnering with Upstox and earning a commission on each trade placed by your referee.

The Money Club: The best Refer and Earn App

Every Indian understands how chit funds work because they have all participated in one at some point. Local unregistered chit funds are commonly referred to as Committee, Beesi, Kuree, and so on. In addition to these unofficial chit funds, you have registered chit fund platforms such as the Money Club that offer similar savings and borrowing options.

While the Money Club is one of the most dependable online chit fund platforms, the app provides excellent opportunities to earn passive income by referring new members to the Money Club Referral Program.

The process is very simple:

  1. Fill a simple form on The Money Club website
  2. Download the Money Club app
  3. Get verified over a call
  4. Take a product demo by pooling just Rs 1000 over 5 days (you’ll get it back within 5 days)
  5. Refer members to The Money Club and start earning immediately
  6. For each verified referral, an agent earns Rs 200 cash. Additionally, he earns bonuses on every 5, 10, 15 and 20 verified referrals.

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MobiKwik App: The best referral app

Almost everyone has heard of the MobiKwik payment app. It is a great alternative to G-Pay. G-Pay users, on the other hand, have reported connectivity and server issues. In such cases, MobiKwik provides excellent payment options that are free of such issues.

Users can use MobiKwik to pay utility bills, recharge mobile phones, pay insurance premiums, transfer money from one bank account to another, and so on.

MobiKwik is the best referral app as it has an excellent referral programme that allows registered users to introduce their friends and invite them to the MobiKwik platform.

  • Download the MobiKwik app from Google PlayStore and install it on the smartphone.
  • Complete the registration formalities.
  • Set up your MobiKwik UPI and complete the first transaction. You get Rs 50 as cashback into your account.
  • Registered users can participate in the Refer and Earn programs and earn Rs 1500 from the app.

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Google Pay App: The best refer and earn app

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Google Pay has become the most trusted money payment app, with nearly every street vendor accepting it. It explains G-massive Pay’s subscriber base. However, as more players enter the fray, G-Pay must both maintain and attract new customers. As a result, they have introduced a Refer & Earn programme, which allows existing users to share a referral code with their friends in order to encourage them to download, install, and use G-Pay.

Google Pay allows users to earn a scratch card for every transaction they do for more than Rs.150. They have an excellent refer and earning scheme. Usually, the referral commission amount ranges from Rs.150 to Rs.180 per referral.

Cred App: The best referral app

The app allows users to pay and manage their credit cards. People prefer Cred because they can keep track of all credit card transactions and expenses. This app is completely free to use, and it is available for both iOS and Android users. This is one of the best refer and earn apps because it also rewards you for paying your credit card bills on time. You can use these points to earn various items mentioned in the app.

Cred App also assists in identifying any unnecessary deductions from your account that you might have missed otherwise. They pay 10 cred coins for each referral, which can be redeemed for Amazon, Flipkart, or Uber gift cards. They pay vouchers worth Rs. 1000, 500, and 150, respectively.

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Amazon Pay App: The best refer and earn app

Amazon Pay is similar to your G-Pay and MobiKwik payment apps because it allows you to link your bank account and pay for your grocery, utility bills, bank-to-ban transfers, mobile, and DTH recharges, etc. Amazon Pay is one of the best referral apps. If you refer a friend to Amazon Pay and they register using your link, you will receive Rs 75 cashback in your Amazon Pay Balance. Please keep in mind that your friend must complete their first transaction using Amazon Pay. The best part is that your friend will also receive a Rs. 125 reward into their account.

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Refer and Earn with PayTM App

PayTM was one of the first payment apps to be launched in India, long before COVID-19. The app provided exciting options for phone recharge, utility bill payment, and movie and travel ticket purchases. Rewards come in the form of cashback or scratch cards. When they transfer a minimum of Rs 50, first-time users receive a Rs 50 scratch card.

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Refer and Earn with Phone Pe App

Phone Pe is similar to G-Pay and other payment apps in that it allows you to make a variety of payments, recharge mobile phones, transfer bank balances, transfer money from your credit card to the wallet, and so on. It is another best refer and earn app as new users are eligible for a sign-up bonus of up to Rs 1000 in the form of a scratch card. Furthermore, referral bonuses ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 9999 are available to users.

Refer and Earn with Ola App

Who hasn’t heard of the Ola travel app? The Ola app allows users to book cabs or auto-rickshaws for travel, but it also has a refer and earn programme. All users receive a referral code that can be used to invite friends to join the platform and use their services.

When your invitee downloads and instals the Ola app, both of you will receive Rs 50 in Ola cashback. This cashback can be redeemed when you pay for your drives.

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ySense is another best refer and earn app in India because it allows users to earn money by completing surveys and referring others to their website or app. They have an appealing referral system because they pay a whopping 30% commission on referrals.

You can also make money on ySense by watching videos, signing up for various websites, and downloading apps from ySense offers. One of the best aspects of ySense is that there is no fee for taking surveys or playing games. As a result, you can use this app for free and earn a lot of money.

Final Thoughts

Almost every app available on Google Play Store or App Store has a refer and earn program. However, we have discussed the top refer and earn apps. These apps allow users to earn handsome cashback and discount offers on referring friends and acquaintances to join the platform. It presents an easy way to earn passive income.

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