Daily PayTM cash earning apps – Ghar baithe paise kamaye


The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a new breed of online workers who worked for their respective offices from their homes. When working from home, you get some free time that you generally use to browse the internet. So, it is natural for you to type out ‘Ghar baithe paise kamaye’ and search for innovative ways of earning money. But, can you earn money online through mobile apps? App se paise kaise kamaye? Let us look at some exciting ways to make handsome money. So, want to know ki Paise kaise kamaye jaaye? Here are some daily PayTM cash-earning apps.

Refer And Earn Rs.20,000 Or Even More Every Month

Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan is a popular money-making app available on Google PlayStore. You get money to download the app, read the news, invite friends to join the platform, perform activities, play games, etc.

  • Download and register the Roz Dhan app – Get Rs 25
  • Log in to the app – Get Rs 50
  • Invite friends through social media interactions – Get coins
  • Check into the app daily – Get coins
  • Read the news – Earn coins
  • Share articles – Earn coins

Two hundred fifty coins equal 1 rupee, and the minimum withdrawal amount is Rs 200. You keep getting exciting rewards for checking in on the 4th and 7th days. So, you can practically do nothing and still earn money.   

So, download Roz Dhan and Ghar baithe paise kamaye.


Here is another social media app that allows you to make good money by performing simple activities like sharing pics and GIFs. You also get paid for installing and registering on various free Android apps, games, and websites.

  • Download and install the app. Then, start referring people and get Rs 220 per reference.
  • When the referee redeems their rewards, the referrer gets Rs 30 extra.
  • Share the referral code with 100 invitees and earn up to Rs 5000.
  • Get bonuses from time to time.

DataBuddy is one of the best Daily PayTM cash-earning apps available today, as you can sit at home, do nothing, and still make money.



India is a cricket-mad country, with fans running into crores of people. Though not everyone can earn a living playing cricket on the field, anyone can make a decent sum of money downloading the Dream11 app and using it to create teams, predict results, and compete with other players on a one-to-one basis.

  • Every time a cricket match involves India, the Dream11 app allows users to make money. All you do is predict 11 players from both the squads and form your team.
  • Choose your captain and vice-captain. These players get additional points for performing.
  • So, if the players chosen by you perform well, your team gets more points and goes up the ladder. The winner receives a prize of Rs 1 crore daily. So, if cricket is your passion and you know how to select teams well, you can make a reasonable sum of money on Dream 11.
  • Besides, you can compete with other players on a one-to-one basis. If the team selected by you wins the battle, you make money. However, the earnings are not as significant because the stakes are also low.  

So, app se paise kaise kamaye, Dream 11 download karo aur jee bharke khelo.

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What do you do when you encounter ads on YouTube? You get irritated and wait for the ‘Skip Ads’ option to surface. So, if I say that we pay you money to watch ads, what will you do? The answer is simple. I will watch them. It does not cost me anything to watch ads. So, here is an app that rewards you for watching ads.

Generally, the rewards are in the range of Rs 50. So, if I can get Rs 50 per ad, I do not object to watching 100 ads in a day. These rewards are in the form of PayTM cash. So, CashBuddy is a classic example of a Daily PayTM cash-earning app.

Other Avenues to earn money daily.

  1. If you love doing surveys, Google Opinion Rewards should be rewarding.
  2. People with knowledge of evaluating UI/UX can earn $10 for every evaluation on UserFeel.
  3. Participate in quizzes and win money on Loco.
  4. Perform simple referral tasks and earn good money on mCent.

Final Thoughts

So, you have hundreds of apps that do not require you to do much, but the rewards are encouraging. So, Ghar baithe paisa kaise kamaya jaaye? So, download these apps discussed here and have a great time filling your coffers with real money.