Daily Paytm Cash Earning Websites: 12 Instant Paytm Cash Website

paytm cash earning websites

Do you want to know about the daily Paytm cash earning website? You’ve come to the right place. We are all aware of the significance of money in our lives. It’s always great to get some free real Paytm money, especially if you’re a student.

All of these websites are free and require no payment to obtain free Paytm Cash. You can make money in your spare time if you have a standard smartphone and a consistent internet connection.

But did you know there are ways to get free Paytm money? Yes, you can install several Paytm earning apps and websites on your mobile device to earn Paytm cash on a regular basis.

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This free Paytm cash can be used for everyday transactions or transferred to your bank account. If you’re concerned about the legitimacy of these websites, rest assured that the daily Paytm cash-making websites listed below are completely trustworthy and have thousands of active daily users. Here in this article, we will see some best daily Paytm cash earning websites, which are like extra earnings without doing any investment.

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Daily Paytm Cash Earning Websites

Link Shortener Websites

The simplest way to earn Paytm cash online is through link shortener websites. All you have to do is shorten the links and earn Paytm cash by sharing them in WhatsApp groups or on social media. With link shortener websites, you can shorten any link you want and earn Paytm cash when someone clicks on it. Example – shrinkme. The best place to share the link is in WhatsApp and Facebook groups, but don’t spam or you’ll be banned from the groups. Try to find some informative content online and share it in groups, or find some funny videos and share them on social media because people enjoy watching funny videos and will click your link.

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Survey Websites

Companies need people’s feedback to improve their products or to determine which products will perform best in the market. This is the primary reason they pay Paytm money to people who provide innovative and honest responses to them.  Some of the survey websites are Ipanelonline, Surveymonkey, i-say.com. These survey sites are the best instant Paytm cash website.

Refer And Earn Websites

There are several applications available these days which provide you Refer and Earn program through which you can earn a good amount of money. You simply have to share that app with your friends or family members. Once they download and use the app you earn money. Here are some refer and earn apps and the referral earning.

Google Pay         Get Rs.180 Refer and Earn

RozDhan              Get Rs.50 Instantly Sign Up Bonus

PhonePe             Refer and Earn Rs.100

TaskBucks           Get Upto Rs.25 Per Friend

Earn Talktime     Rs.175 Invite and Earn Offer

mCent Browser Refer and Earn Rs.40

Pocket Money   Refer and Earn Rs.160 Daily

The Money Club               Refer and earn Rs 200

The Money Club is an online chit fund platform in which you can refer and earn a good amount. You earn bonus for every 5, 10, 15 and 20 referrals. In this way you can earn 20k -25k easily in a month.

Check this video to know more about the refer and earn program

Check this video to more about The Money Club app

Earn Side Income By Referring Your Friends


EarnKaro is a paytm earning website based on affiliate marketing. It follows a unique step that can help you earn some pocket money. EarnKaro collaborates with various platforms such as flipKart. The user only needs to share their deals on their social media platform, such as Facebook or another platform.

If someone sends the product link to another person and they buy the product using that link, the sender profits. They can profit as much as they want. There is no need to make an investment in this website. Different big shopping apps are included in this, like Flipkart or Myntra. It is the most trusted instant Paytm cash website.

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Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan is another of the best daily Paytm cash earning websites, with over 10 million users. You must create an account in order to receive an instant free Paytm cash of Rs. 50/-. You can earn free Paytm cash money by reading the news, checking your daily horoscope, visiting popular websites, and taking quizzes, contests, and surveys.

You can also invite your friends and receive Rs. 12/- per referral. What makes it the best daily Paytm cash earning website is that you can earn hundreds of rupees every day because each task has the potential for a large cash reward. You can withdraw your earnings from your Paytm wallet after completing the instant cash tasks. The only drawback is that you can’t withdraw money until you have Rs. 200 in your Roz Dhan wallet.


Everyone has some special skills, whether it’s writing, web design, communication, or digital marketing. The best part is that you can use these skills to earn Paytm cash online. Truelancer.com is a website where you can create a profile, list/add your skills, and find clients who will pay you in Paytm cash for your services. It is the most popular instant Paytm cash website.

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Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games is a legitimate and one of the best daily Paytm cash earning websites for earning real Paytm cash. This platform is powered by Paytm and allows its users to play over 200 games such as rummy and fantasy games, as well as participate in contests and quizzes. You can easily transfer your Paytm cash into your wallet and use it just like cash.

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TaskBucks is another fantastic app that allows you to earn free Paytm cash every day by participating in quizzes and surveys. Times Internet Ltd. owns this app. As a result, there is no doubt about the website’s legitimacy or security. TaskBucks is another website that they fully manage and control. TaskBucks is one of the top-earning Free Paytm cash websites, with over 3.2 crore visits and instals on Playstore and partnerships with 160+ brands.

Make Dhan App

Make Dhan is an entertainment app that rewards users with cash rather than discounts or gift cards. After installation, you can watch a variety of videos that will keep you up to date on viral content from around the world.

It is one of the best Paytm earning apps that requires no user investment. Signing up, watching videos, daily check-ins, referrals, providing reviews, trying free apps, completing survey questionnaires, and other simple tasks can earn you free Paytm cash. The creators of this daily Paytm cash earning app claim that top users can earn more than INR 20,000. You can earn up to INR 200 per day and get 50 points just for signing up.


Another trusted instant Paytm cash website is mCash. The mCash money-earning app is a secure platform that allows users to complete fun activities and receive rewards instantly for a seamless experience. It pays to read new articles because it keeps you up to date on global events. You can use vouchers to buy items from sites like Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and others. You can complete simple user tasks such as app installation and registration, completing surveys, inviting friends, and playing games to earn Paytm cash.

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Crownit allows users to participate in surveys and initiatives run by over 100 brands to improve their solutions through feedback and product research/development. The surveys last about 10-15 minutes and cover every aspect of a product. You can even upload your daily bills like cabs, restaurants, utilities, and more to earn rush ticket rewards.

You can earn rewards by taking online surveys that match your demographics, playing games like Tambola and Birdie Rush via rush tickets, rapid fire quizzes, and other activities. You can also claim someone else’s prize if they do not claim it within the time limit. You can earn 500 Paytm cash instantly through scratch cards and other rewards worth thousands of rupees.


EarnEasy users can download apps and earn cash and discounts while shopping on sites like Myntra. Referrals can be made through various messaging apps such as Telegram, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Simply update your bank account or UPI ID information. You can find your reward in the payments section of My Account. Aytm cash can be earned by downloading offers, referring others, downloading applications of your choice, and completing other tasks. Mobile recharges, train and movie ticket bookings, online shopping, and other services are also available.

You can earn up to INR 1000-3000 per day. Signing up for the app costs INR 50. INR 10 for a referral and INR 5 for completing a task. It is the easiest instant Paytm cash website.


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