Earn money online without investment – 15 Ways to Make Money

earn money online without investment

Often people think of starting their own business but they do not have much money to invest in the business. In such a situation, they look for ways where they can make money online without investment.

If you are also looking to earn money online without investment, then this article of ours is going to help you a lot. With the easy accessibility and growing popularity of the internet, earning money online has become quite easy. So why not earn money online free and keep ourselves away from the debt trap?

In today’s article, earn money without investment, we are going to tell you about 15 best ways from where you can earn money sitting at home without investing any money.

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15 Ways to earn money online without investment

Education Sector: Earn Money Without Investment

If you want to make money online without investment then the education sector is the best option. This is such a sector from which you will be able to make money smartly that too without investment. Whatever knowledge you have in education, you can earn money by sharing it with people. In today’s time, you can teach children through offline or online methods. Moreover, you can share your knowledge through Youtube videos and earn money. In the education sector, not a single rupee will be spent from your pocket, you just have to share your knowledge.

Write an E-book and Earn Money Online

E-book is a digital form of book, in which paper is not used and it is prepared in pdf format. The full form of e-book is electronic book. We can read e-book only on any electronic device like mobile, computer or kindle. E-books are also a very good tool to make money online without investment if you are interested in writing. Normal books contain only text and images, but E-book is full of animation. You can add text and photos as well as animations like Video, Gif, Audio, which people enjoy reading a lot. You can make a lot of money by selling the book on Amazon or Flipkart. The easiest way to publish an e-book is through the Amazon kindle program.

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Freelancing Services

Doing freelance work is another one of the great ways to earn money online for free without investment. If you need money urgently, you can register on one of the sites and earn some extra money. You can select from the opportunities that are offered based on your skills. Some of the top freelancing sites where you can register yourself as a freelancer and search for free online jobs without investment are: Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, Upwork and Design Crowd. 

Refer and Earn to Make Money Online

Refer and Earn is a way to earn money. In this, you just have to share your referral link with your friends, relatives on social media. When someone clicks on that link and signs up, you get some money as a bonus.

RojDhan, CashKaro, Pocket Money, Paytm Money, Google Pay, The Money Club are some such refer and earn apps. Read this article to know the Top 10 Refer and earn apps.

If you are interested in earning money sitting at home, Money Club is the best way to do it. You can invest a small amount and get a high return on your investment. The Money Club is a trusted online chit fund platform, and its referral program provides an opportunity to earn money by referring new members. This platform also gives you an opportunity to Become an Agent and earn Rs 20,000 per month or more.

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Graphic Design

Images are more attractive than just words thus graphic design makes full use of them to attract the attention of people. If you are creative and know about graphic design, it is the perfect way to earn money online without investment. Even if you don’t have the skill you can learn it within a couple of months. You can work on Fiverr, Upwork, ManyPixels, 99designs, Freelancer.com by creating your account and earn good money.

Captcha Solver: Make Money Online Without Investment

If you want to make money online without investment then you can become a Captcha Solver. However, you need to devote more time to it. You will find many captcha solver sites like CaptchaTypers, ProTypers, Captcha2Cash, 2Captcha, Qlinkgroup, VirtualBee etc where you can earn money by solving captcha images and exact characters.

Sell your Photos to Earn Money Online

Does photography interest you? Do you love taking photographs of nature or for that matter anything beautiful under the sky? Then selling them for some money is one of the best free online ways to earn money without investment. You just need your talent for clicking photos. Above all, the power of your phone cameras is enough to give you pristine quality pictures, you don’t even need a DSLR to click photos. There are many websites where you can sell your photos: Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Etsy, Fotomoto, Pixabay.

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Earn Money with Online Surveys

You can earn money by taking online surveys! Sounds interesting! Yes, there are several market research companies where you can take online surveys and earn money without investment. These companies send you simple online surveys, where it asks for your feedback on some products or services. Your feedback helps these companies to create better products.

Taking an online survey is quite simple because there are just several answers available for you to choose from. Your responses have no right or wrong because they reflect only your personal perspective. Depending on the length of the surveys, it may take 5 minutes to 30 minutes to complete a survey. You can make as much as Rs. 1000 per day by only spending 2-3 hours daily.

Earn Money From Your Smartphone

You may earn some extra money by using a variety of money-making apps that are readily available in the iOS and Google Play stores. Here are 10 best money-earning apps that, if you install and use on your mobile, you can make an extra income every month which depends on the time you invest.

Millions of users have given these mobile apps a rating of 4 stars or higher. Not every app needs to be installed. Install a few apps to start, and if you like them, you can add more. You have to play games, watch videos, sign up for other websites, install other apps, fulfill numerous offers, and complete easy online surveys. Simply earn money when you are travelling or waiting for someone.

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Test Apps and Websites

App and website testing is another of the best and simplest ways to earn money online without investment. Before their application or website is made available to the general public, brands and app developers want what is known as “Beta testing” of it. A chosen set of people are given online work to test the software and report back on its usability and bugs.

These online testing jobs can be found on some of the following websites: TryMyUI, User Testing, UserZoom, Test Birds, etc.

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Earn Money by Doing SEO

SEO plays a very important role to grow any website. More traffic comes to your website only when SEO has been used properly in your content. Big companies hire SEO experts to bring their website/content to the search engines. Those who have good knowledge of SEO are paid a lot. If you also have a good knowledge of SEO, then you can earn very well through it.

Become A Virtual Assistant And Earn Money Online For Free

You can do all the work online by becoming a Virtual Assistant or Personal Assistant. You don’t need to go anywhere. The main work of a virtual assistant is to schedule appointments, make phone calls, make travel arrangements and manage email. HireMyMom, MyTasker, Zirtual, uAssistMe,123Employee are some websites where you can do this work.

Make Money By Training and Consultancy

Do you have any skills that are much in demand? You could be knowledgeable on a variety of subjects like the stock market, motivation, managing funds, nutrition, entrepreneurship, etc. If you build a training programme or online course around your expertise and sell it, the potential is enormous. Through Facebook or Instagram, people are making a good passive income marketing these courses. You can design a landing page where you can explain your product and the advantages it offers customers. Simply direct Facebook or Instagram users to your product page, where you can then sell it.  Additionally, you can generate free traffic through Google search, YouTube, and numerous other social media sites.

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Translation Online Jobs without investment

Become a translator if you are fluent in more than one language and have the necessary credentials. These kinds of jobs are outsourced by numerous businesses. You can apply for these kinds of jobs to make money while staying at home. Some businesses have job profiles for translating certain texts, emails, mails, or subtitles. Companies pay according to how many words are translated. With this skill, you have a wide range of opportunities. On freelance websites like Upwork or Fiverr as well as on more specialized platforms like Gengo, TranslatorsCafe, OneHourTranslation.com you can find translation jobs.

Earn Money For Free with Reddit

Reddit is more than just news updates. In fact, there are numerous ways to make money on Reddit if you know which subreddits to join. There are plenty of freelance related subreddits where you can find work in fields like: blog writing, copywriting, graphic design, photography, coding, social media, tutoring and lots more.  You can post about the services and rates you have to offer or browse postings for various work opportunities. 


You can choose from countless alternatives and options to generate quick money online. These were the 15 ways to earn money online without investment. Try to stick with one for a while to see which is effective and which is not. One of the most frequent errors people make is to attempt several possibilities at once, never considering the potential of just one. Additionally, you should always make better use of your time and work harder. Making some extra money while at home is simple to do.

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