Get Instant Cash Loan in 1 hour without Documents in India

instant cash loan in 1 hour

Do you need money urgently, and you do not have any source to get it right now. You do not want to take help from your friends and family and feel embarrassed. In such a situation you can get instant cash loan in 1 hour without documents. 1 hour instant cash loans are instant money that you get in less than one hour from anywhere, anytime. It is available from your smartphone through an app or website. Generally, it does not require much paperwork.

You can get a loan between Rs. 5,000 and Rs. 1 lakh at an interest rate that fluctuates between 1.50% and 2.25% per month. With a higher credit score, the interest rate charged will be cheaper. So, if you’re looking for an immediate cash loan without paperwork, you’ve come to the perfect place. To learn more about instant cash loans in 1 hour without Documents, continue reading.

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Features And Benefits Of Instant Cash Loan In 1 Hour?

The features and benefits of availing of an instant cash loan in 1 hour are as follows:

  • All applications for instant cash loans are made online. The company’s main website is where the fast cash loan service is available, and registration is the only need. Select the loan amount and period after uploading the necessary papers. The company will review your documentation, and if everything is in order, the funds will be transferred to your bank account.
  • Your loan can be adjusted based on your need. You can choose the loan amount and the time frame for repayment, and the lender will then calculate an interest rate based on the relevant factors.
  • The majority of lenders who provide rapid cash loan facilities may impose interest rates that range from 1.50% to 2.25% monthly. This suggests that it will be simple for you to repay the principal of the loan. Your credit rating and the lending company you select will have an impact on the interest rate that is applied to the total amount of your loan. The better the credit score the lower the interest rate.
  • If you need money but don’t have a good credit score, you can apply for a loan from lenders who offer instant cash loan facility. Even while some companies require a credit score of at least 600 in order to acquire a loan, some creditors might still provide you a loan if you have a lower credit score. However, physical verification can be necessary if your credit score is incredibly low.
  • Most lenders will approve your loan application in three minutes if you fill out the application and upload the necessary documents.
  • Even if you have a low monthly income, you can still be approved for an instant cash loan. If your credit outlook is favourable, you haven’t had a financial default during the past two years, and you don’t have a lot of credit liabilities, the lender might approve your application for an emergency cash loan.
  • Based on the loan amount you request, many lenders offer flexible payback terms. If you merely took out a little loan, the repayment time can be three months to a year. However, if you have a very large loan amount, the repayment period may be extended to 5 years.

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Eligibility to Apply for an Instant Cash Loan in 1 hour

The eligibility for availing of an instant loan is 23 years.

The minimum monthly income must be Rs.20,000.

You must have a minimum credit score of 600.

You should be an Indian citizen

You should have cleared all your financial liabilities in the last two years.

All the information furnished by you in your document should be genuine.

You should be employed for a minimum of 6 months

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Documents Required to Apply for an Instant cash loan in 1 hour

  • Identity Proof (Aadhaar / Driving License / Passport / Voter ID)
  • PAN card
  • Address Proof (Driving License / Utility Bills / Aadhaar / Passport / Bank Statements / Voter ID)
  • Last 3 months payslips
  • Photo with the applicant’s face clearly visible. You will be prompted to take a selfie or upload a photo while applying for our loan through our mobile app
  • Net banking verification to validate your bank account and salary information

How to Apply for a Instant Cash Loan in 1 hour

To apply for an instant loan in 1 hour, you must take the following actions:

  • To apply for an instant cash loan, go to the lender’s official website or download its mobile application, depending on your preference.
  • Your name, email address, mobile number, and other details must be entered in order to create your profile.
  • Uploading the required documentation satisfies the lender’s requirements.
  • The lender will examine your submitted documents and approve your loan application if they are deemed accurate.
  • You can then decide on the loan’s size and length of payback. The loan funds will then be deposited to your bank account.

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6 Best Instant Cash Loan Lenders in 1 hour


One of the greatest loan application apps that helps the borrower privately is Navi, which has ratings of 4.2 on Google Play and 4.5 on the App Store. They provide a solution for all of your financial problems and have the best loan acceptance rate in the market, whether you need a personal loan or have a medical emergency.

Usually, it offers loans up to Rs. 20,00,000 with maturities up to 6 years and interest rates ranging from 9.99 to 45%. Due to the fact that it is a paperless loan granted in 10 minutes, you don’t need to apply for a digital personal loan with no processing fees.


Less paperwork

The maximum loan amount provided is Rs. 20,000

Provides loan at an interest rate of 9.99 to 45%

Convenient and quick


It might take some time to rectify changes related to the bank account


Through Dhani, a widely promoted phone loan application, the loan funds are instantly disbursed to your bank account. Dhani accepts applications for personal loans at any time and from any location. You can quickly apply for a loan up to Rs. 15 lakh with an interest rate as low as 12%. By installing the Dhani Loan app, providing your Aadhaar card number, and loan amount, you can instantly receive the loan funds in your account.


Provides all kinds of loans and credit rating facilities for faster approval

Has its pharmacy and money services platform combined into one platform

Quick approval

Helps in providing all kinds of loans and credit rating facilities


You cannot avail of this loan on all kinds of e-Commerce platforms

Initial documentation takes time during the registration

Buddy Loan app

The Buddy Loan app, which allows you to easily apply for personal loans between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 15,00,000 and receive approval in minutes, is one of the most amazing instant loan apps. Buddy Loan is a cutting-edge platform that offers a completely digital and simple loan application process. It also has cutting-edge engineering and features.

You may change the odds in your favour and fulfill your dreams of taking that perfect trip, going to the perfect wedding, or even purchasing your ideal bike or car by submitting an application for a loan with Buddy Loan. They offer a solution to all of your money issues, whether you need a personal loan or a loan for a medical procedure, and they have the highest loan approval rate in the industry.


Minimum documents required

Reliable loan provider

Transparent; User friendly

Provides flexible repayment options


Not for people with low cibil score

Not for loans less than Rs. 10,000

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Home Credit

The Home Credit Group, which has operations in 10 countries across Europe and Asia, has a subsidiary called Home Credit India. Since its establishment in 2012, the India branch has operated in more than 60 locations spread across 15 states. With repayment durations ranging from nine months to four years, the personal loan application provides for personal loans of up to two lakh rupees. The rapid loan app in India makes financial services easy to get, clear to understand, and easily available to you.


Can provide loan up to Rs. 2 lakh

The loan is provided for nine months to 4 years

Available all around India

Easy and quick


Need a good CIBIL score

Kredit Bee

One of the most profitable websites for quick loans has to be Kredit Bee. Because of its user-friendly UI, it is among the best instant loan apps in India. More than 2 million customers have said they are satisfied with the company’s services, and there have been more than 20 million downloads. Depending on your credit rating, you might be eligible to borrow up to Rs. 1,000,000 for a maximum of 62 days and 15 months.


Provides short-term loans

Provides low-interest rates loans

Can be availed on reaching 21 years of age

Instant disbursal


It needs a strong CIBIL score

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An Alternative to Personal Loans: Chit Funds

Chit funds could seem to belong to a completely other class of financial products. However, there are a number of ways that chit funds could help you avoid falling into the debt trap of personal loans. For millions of customers, it is a safety net in times of crisis.
You might be curious how. Here is a brief synopsis:
A sort of borrowing and saving instrument called chit fund allows for recurring contributions. If you want to pay for expenses you expect to have in the short- to medium-term, you can make contributions to a suitable chit fund plan for a two- to three-year period. So, without having to worry about debt or interest, your money is available for use when the real expense shows up. You can obtain cash via The Money Club app without going through arduous procedures or paying the banks’ exorbitant interest rates. When you occasionally need immediate cash to pay bills, this is helpful. The rate of interest on personal loans ranges between 12% and 24 % p.a.  Even if you are faced with a financial emergency, the chit fund gives you a quick liquidity option to tide over the situation.

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FAQs Regarding An Instant Cash Loan In 1 Hour Without Documents.

Is it possible to obtain an immediate cash loan without having a high CIBIL and track score?

The answer is no. You cannot apply for a personal loan without providing proof of your income, even though those who are new to credit and do not yet have a CIBIL score can do so at a higher interest rate. This is so the lender can examine your income paperwork to determine whether you have the ability to repay the loan.

Can professionals who are self-employed apply for instant cash loans?

Let's say the eligibility requirements are met and the lender's terms and policies are followed. A self-employed person may then be qualified for an instant loan starting at Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,50,000 for their new business. The main purpose of a loan for a self-employed person is business expansion.

How soon can I apply again for an instant cash loan if my application for a loan is rejected the first time?

You can re-apply for an instant cash loan 3 months after your first application for a loan is rejected.

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