How To Earn Money Online?

How To earn Money Online from Home

Where there’s a will, there is a way. An enlightened soul had made this statement many years ago, but the logic still holds good today. The COVID pandemic has thrown everything out of gear, with many losing their jobs and livelihood. Besides, the literate population forming the bulwark of India’s workforce is increasing daily, leading to massive unemployment. Moreover, the shortage of full-time employment in organizations and offices throughout India has opened up new vistas in the form of self-employment. One such self-employment avenue is earning money online.

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How to earn money online?

Earning money online is easy, but one must work hard to earn good money online in India. For example, if you browse the internet and type‘ how to earn money online’ or ‘earn money without investment,’ the Google search pages will throw hundreds of options. But, can you earn money that way? Of course, you can, but it will not be possible to earn good money online in India.

How To Earn Money Online in India?

This article discusses several ways to earn money online.

Before you start trying to make money online, here are some tips to help you decide on suitable options

Know your strengths and limitations. Play to your strengths and understand your limits.

Content Writing

For example, you could be good at writing in English or other vernacular languages. So, it qualifies you to take up content writing assignments that are available in plenty. You have quality websites like People Per Hour, Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Truelancer, etc., that offer content writing assignment options. You should sign up on the website and search for jobs according to your strengths. Initially, it is challenging, but the results can be rewarding if you persist and contact the right clients.

App Development

App Development for Earn Money online in India

Suppose you are good at developing mobile apps and other software-related activities. You have tremendous scope to earn good money online in India. People well-versed in cybersecurity can earn handsome bug bounties by identifying bugs in programs and apps. Companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc., pay incredible amounts as bug bounties as it helps them to patch up zero-day errors.

Data Analysis

If data analysis is your forte, you can acquire additional data analysis and data science qualifications by mastering tools like Power Bi and Tableau. These software applications are highly advanced variants of MS Excel that help in data analysis. Almost all the top organizations use these tools for data analysis. They keep posting various assignments on these freelancing job websites and thus, offer excellent scope to make a handsome amount every month without stepping out of your home.

Computer Games

Computer Games Make money online in India

If you are good at playing computer games, you can make a living by playing games all your life. You can participate in online competitions and earn handsome prizes. Besides, you can master your gaming techniques and identify loopholes in the system. Reporting them to the game developers is also a form of earning bug bounties. However, these activities require high initial investments in computers and high-end smartphones.

We have discussed four strengths that people generally exhibit. However, each individual is unique and has special talents. The trick is to identify the talent correctly, develop it, and use it to earn good money in India.


Blogging to Make money online in India

If you are internet savvy and know how to write good content, you can set up your blog and keep posting interesting articles. However, you have to market your blog using various ways, similar to how you do affiliate marketing. It can take a lot of time for your blog to become famous and earn money.

Beta test websites and apps before their release

Beta testing apps and websites are ideal for earning good money online in India. Almost all app developers and company websites test their products through Beta testing before releasing them online. The aim is to ensure that their apps and websites are user-friendly.

Beta testers test these apps and rate their user experiences to help the developer improve their products. It also helps them when users identify bugs and thus helps to protect against zero-day exploits. Generally, Beta testers can earn between Rs 1000 to Rs 3000 every time they test an app or website.

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Know the bogus jobs and stay away from them.

While browsing the internet, you will find various money-earning options, including participating in surveys, clicking on ads, copy and paste jobs, data entry jobs, SMS mailing, and others that would seem easy to do. Unfortunately, though these are also genuine job opportunities, a significant majority of such job postings on the internet are bogus. They promise to generate high income but never do.

Know the laws of the land and do not try to do anything illegal.
  • Stay away from apps that promise massive returns in a short time

Frequently, you find ads that “a housewife has earned millions within a short time.” The right way to deal with these ads is to ignore them. Remember, no one can make millions in a short time. If it were possible, every Indian would have been doing it today. These ads direct you towards forex trading. One should understand that forex trading is illegal in India.

Secondly, no one can earn millions by trading unless they understand trading and make huge investments. Online trading enables you to earn good money in India, but you have to invest a lot of money and time in the market before earning from your trading activities.

  • Do not involve yourself in apps that encourage gambling.

You can also come across websites that encourage you to participate in gambling platforms like playing Rummy or Teen Patti. Remember, these games are purely based on luck. Secondly, they can be addictive, whereby you could invest a lot and lose your money in the bargain.

You also have apps that ask you to form your cricket team and compete with others, especially during the IPL season. These games are also similar to gambling and can prove addictive. Many people have lost vast sums of money by participating in such games.

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent way to make money online.

Affiliate Marketing to earn money online in India
Affiliate Marketing to earn money online in India

Reputed eCommerce retailer websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc., offer a fantastic array of items for sale spread across multiple categories. Affiliate marketing involves encouraging people to buy from such reputed eCommerce retailers through specific links inserted in your website.

You need to open an Affiliate Marketing account with these eCommerce retailers to get the authority to post your links. Besides, you should have a dedicated website where you post high-quality content enticing people to read it and encouraging them to purchase the appliance by clicking on the relevant link on your website. Each time someone purchases using your affiliate link, you get a commission from the eCommerce website at the pre-decided rate.

Indians have made lakhs of rupees through affiliate marketing. However, one should also note that this money does not come easy. Tremendous hard work is involved behind the scenes. It involves writing excellent and informative content. Marketing the website content is also crucial. It also involves using high-ranking keywords that could enable the website to rank high on the search engine results. So, SEO management is the key to success in affiliate marketing.

Reselling Apps

If you have goals like ‘Earn Rs 1000 Daily,’ reselling apps like Meesho can help you do so. Compared to affiliate marketing, reselling apps like Meesho can help make money online quickly.

Meesho is a reliable reseller app that can help you earn Rs 1000 daily. However, it involves you doing the marketing work. Compared to affiliate marketing, using reselling apps to make money online is more straightforward.

a.    The procedure involves you registering on the Meesho app.

b.    Meesho offers more than a lakh products in various categories. Suppliers all over India have tie-up arrangements with Meesho.

c.    Registered users can select specific products and share them with their WhatsApp contacts or post them on their YouTube channels.

d.    Users can add their margin to the pricing and shipping charges and share the final selling price with the customer on receiving the inquiries.

e.    When the customer confirms the order, you can place it on the app with the customer’s address.

f.     The item gets delivered to the customer. If the payment is made online, you get your margin from the customer. If you had chosen COD, you get the commission after ten working days because the customer makes the payment to the logistics partner. Meesho receives the amount and then transfers your margin to your account.

So, Meesho is an excellent reselling app with a good reputation for making commission payments on time. Reselling on Meesho is one of the best ways to earn money without investment.

Explore Online Tutoring Jobs

Online tutors are in great demand, especially during the pandemic times. Anyone can become a tutor online. Even college students can take up such assignments, share their knowledge with the Std X and XII students, and help them prepare for their Board examinations.

Depending on your expertise, you can set up hourly rates and earn between Rs 200 to Rs 500 an hour. So, if you want to earn Rs 1000 daily, online tutoring is an excellent option.

Online Trading

Investing in stocks and shares is a time-tested way of earning money in India. Today, you have online trading apps that have made it convenient for people to trade online. The advantage of online trading is that there is no need for a broker or an intermediate to carry out your trades. If you know the market, you can trade on your own, and that too successfully.

However, online trading has its risks because it involves investing money. Secondly, share prices depend on market fluctuations. Therefore, it is essential to study the market trends well before venturing into earning money through the online trading route.

Post YouTube videos

Many youngsters post YouTube videos and earn substantial money through ads, views, and subscriptions. The primary requirement for posting a YouTube video is the content. Again, you stick to your strengths and choose the content you are most comfortable with presenting on the internet.

Homemakers can post cooking videos and recipe ideas on YouTube. You can also unbox electronics products like laptops, smartphones, TVs, etc., and post reviews online. A successful YouTuber can earn money being an influencer.

Many people post travel videos and get paid for doing so. People make living posting film reviews online. The content you post is critical. For example, many people earned lakhs of rupees offering their comments (genuine or fake) on the Sushant Singh Rajput suicide case.

Posting YouTube videos is a decent way to earn money online in India. However, you have to adhere to YouTube regulations regarding the quality of content posted on the channel. Besides, your videos must become famous before they start making money for you.

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Points to Ponder
  • We have discussed the options that present reasonably good opportunities to earn good money online in India.

  • We have avoided discussing money-making apps because they do not offer chances to earn sufficient income. They can be suitable for earning casual income. However, we shall discuss them in a separate blog.

  • We have not discussed online chit fund platforms like the Money Club because they require investment. Secondly, earning money from chit funds is not a bread-winning activity. This article restricts the discussion on how to earn money online as a full-time activity. We shall have a separate debate about making money using chit fund investments.

  • We do not recommend money-making apps with a gambling element because they inculcate bad habits among the youth

  • Similarly, we have steered clear of activities like earning money through forex trading apps, ‘spin and win’ scams, cryptocurrency trading, etc.

Final Thoughts

Earning money online to run a family involves a 24x7x365 commitment from the user. You are as good as a daily-wage earner when making money online. So, one should be careful not to indulge in illegal activities that can jeopardize the entire family’s interests. We trust that this article strikes the right chord and enables everyone to earn a decent income online.