Money Club Proves To Be a Better Investment Asset


Stock market is usually touted as an attractive investment asset for a normal retail investor like us. But do we realize why we have grown to see it like this? All of us have read or heard rags-to-riches stories or witnessed the much-flaunted success of our next-door uncle planning his family trip from the profits he earned out of his stock market investments. We have all been victims to the survivorship bias. We only look at survivors and swiftly overlook the hundreds of people that have failed or burnt their hands in the market.

With Money Club You Can Earn Around 10-20% Return On Your Investment

To the uninformed, stock market investment brings in substantial risk and is definitely not an investment asset for short-term investors. Studies suggest that around 70% of the money in every stock is invested when it has almost peaked and sales happen in panic, the moment stock prices start dropping. Effectively short term investors end up buying at high prices and selling at low prices, thereby losing their hard earned money. A majority of the investors lose money in stock markets.

So where should a retail investor invest, if he wants to? Real Estate, Gold? Honestly, a real estate investment is not an average retail investor’s cup of tea, so we should not even look at that as an option for now. However, Gold? It’s reachable and its shiny!
Take a look at the returns from Gold since 1998. An investor could have made 6x (or 12% annually) from 1998 to 2013. But from then he would have lost (-4% annually) in the last 5 years.
Yes, since gold trading has increased, its prices have become unpredictable and volatile. Or in other words risky for retail investors like us.
So if we need to multiply our money what other options do we have? Let us introduce you to an innovative concept of Peer to Peer Lending and Borrowing.

P2P lending and borrowing is the next big wave!

Peer to peer (P2P) lending’s globally growing potential has made it important for us to know more about it. A finding by Transparency Market Research suggests “the opportunity in the global peer-to-peer market will be growing at 50% year on year and will be worth $900 billion by the year 2024, from $25 billion in 2015.

Have I got your attention now?

So, what is the P2P lending and borrowing model?

P2P is a model where peers share money amongst themselves by applying some rules. Peer to Peer lending brings along with itself some inherent advantages.

The rate of interests offered by banks for money deposit is around 6-7%, whereas the rate of interest charged on personal loans is around 15-16%. So the banks keep a margin of 8-10%. Imagine if we eliminate the banks, connect borrowers and lenders directly and share the (8%-10%) margins, that banks keep.On an average Borrowers can borrow at 10% and the lender can get around 11-12% on the amount lent. This creates a win-win situation for both.

Now, if the borrowers and lenders know each other well, wont this be LOWER in terms of risk and offer HIGHER returns comparatively?

5 ways that the Money Club proves as a better alternative

The Money club is built on the P2P premise. It is a concept where people form clubs with peers within their trusted networks. They agree to pool in a fixed amount and bid their interest for the pooled in amount amongst them. To know more of how it works see the video here

The Money Club gives you an opportunity to convert your Trusted network to a new asset class where everyone gains.

Earn 3 To 4 Times More Than Bank Fixed Deposits

Let us show you how Money Club is proving itself better:
  • Your trusted group converts to an Alternative Investment Asset

    By investing in Money Club, net investors have made 3-5 times (on an average) of what they would have made if they invested the same amount in recurring deposits in banks. So if an RD gives you 6% annually , a Money Club can give you 18%-30% returns. You can contact us here to know more

  • You save for sure

    It creates a mechanism where you are forced to save. Instead of keeping the money idle in bank accounts, individuals save and rotate money among themselves.

  • You get hassel free loans when you really need it

    Users bid their interest rates that start as low as 1% of the pooled in amount. Comparing it with the interest charged by banks over personal loans that are 15% p.a, we have seen that individuals pick up money at very low interest which can further become lower or even become profitable depending upon returns offered by bidding in other rounds. Till date the interest piad by the Net borrowers on The Money club is only 1/3rd to 1/4th of what they would have paid to the banks.

  • You form a financially trusted community that helps each other

    Helps you a build financially trusted community you can roll back to- at the time of financial emergencies. You save your ego and will never need to ask for favors again!

  • You make higher risk adjusted returns

    Returns are directly proportional to the risk you take. Every asset class (Stocks, Mutual funds, etc) has an inherent risk. So does your trusted group. However the risk you place in your trusted group is much lower than the uncertainties in the stock market. Isn’t it easier to know how our trusted network will behave versus how a particular stock is going to behave tomorrow. Therefore, trusted groups are less riskier than stocks!

The Money Club provides us with a new asset class.

Its time to Think differently and invest smartly!