Need Money Right Now? 10 Ways To Get Instant Cash

Need Money Right Now

Do you need money urgently? Are you running short of money? Are you wondering where and how you will get instant money? Well, it is a fact that every person has to face such dire situations which are related to money.
All of us at some point of time have felt that “I need money right now” pressure. So, here we are giving you 10 Ways To Get Instant Cash with the help of which you will be able to get instant cash to meet your needs immediately.

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5 Ways To Get Instant Cash - With Savings

There are certain ways to relieve the “I need money urgently” pressure when you have some investments.

Loan on FD

If you have a fixed deposit (FD), then banks provide the facility of overdraft or loan against FD. This loan is also easily available. Instead of withdrawing/breaking the fixed deposit, you can take a loan against the same. This way you can secure your investment as well as meet your financial emergencies. Also, it allows your investment to continue during the tenure of your loan.

Loan Against Shares and Mutual Funds

You can opt for a loan against shares when you need instant money to meet your personal or business needs. You can avail instant loans against your mutual fund holdings and shares from banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs). You can get money instantly with a low interest rate and minimal paperwork.

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Gold loan

Gold kept in the house comes in handy in such situations. Loan against gold is easily available. Many banks, NBFCs and financial institutions have come up with the facility of gold loan. By depositing gold in these institutions, you can take a gold loan. Such loans are available at a lower interest rate than personal loans, or other loan facilities available in the market.

Credit Card On Fixed Deposit

A credit card comes in handy when you need money in an emergency. The rest of the credit cards can be somewhat difficult to make, but if you have an FD, then it is easy and quick to get a credit card. Credit cards on fixed deposits are a very good option for those who are in need of instant cash. The credit limit on these cards is usually 80%-90% of the fixed deposit amount. Besides, no income proof is required and money is instantly available with minimal paperwork.

Chit Fund

Chit funds are another good option to save or invest money. In times of need, you can also borrow money from it. It gives good return on investment if we look at it as a savings instrument, and if seen as a borrowing scheme, it can be a reliable source of funds in case of emergency. In a chit fund scheme, a group of people contributes to the chit value for a period equal to the number of subscribers from time to time and the amount collected, is given to the person who is selected either through lucky draw or vote or auction. The person who bids the lowest gets the money. The bidder gets the collected amount which he can also use in case of emergency. Interest rates are also low as compared to banks and other financial institutions.

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 The Money Club is a digital chit fund platform where you can save and use the money in case of emergency. You can start saving with an amount as low as Rs 200. You can also earn 3-4 times more interest than the returns from FDs and RDs. You can save money from your salary and invest in chit funds.

These were some ways to get instant money when you have any savings. When you have savings the pressure of “I need money urgently” is lesser as compared to when you do not have any savings and investments.

 Let’s talk about some ways by which you can get money in such a situation.

5 Ways To Get Instant Cash - Without Savings

Personal Loan

Personal loan is the best option to get out of any kind of money crunch. There are many DSAs, banks and NBFCs that provide Personal Loan. You just have to upload all the required documents online for verification. The loan gets approved online and disbursed directly to your bank account on the same day, without the hassle of visiting the branch in person.

You can avail loans ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 5,00,000 without any paperwork. Interest rates range from 24% to 35%. Your monthly income should be at least 15000 rupees and you should have a good credit score. However, you can still get a personal loan if you have a low CIBIL score.

Increase Credit Card Limit

When a new credit card is issued the credit limit is less. Gradually, as you use the card you can increase the credit card limit. This can be done with just one phone call to the issuing credit card bank. This is a good option when you need money urgently.

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Ask Friends Or Family

You can borrow money  from your friends and relatives when you need money urgently. They are your immediate support system and they can understand your “I need money” problem. However, you should approach this option with caution because if you fail to pay back the money it can lead to a breakdown in relationships.

Flexi Cash

Flexi Cash is a facility in which you can take overdraft or loan against salary. Flexi-personal loans have a pre-approved cash limit, so you can get instant cash for unplanned expenses. It requires zero documentation, as it is a pre-approved credit facility. You can choose to use the loan for any purpose, and depending on the amount you use, you will be charged interest.



With PayLater, you can get zero interest digital credit for up to 45 days with just one click. PayLater is a digital credit product similar to a credit card. This facility is considered to be most beneficial for emergencies. Many people are taking advantage of this facility.

How To Create Funds For Emergency

If you often find yourself in a position where you need funds immediately, you need to have a look at your money habits and make some changes.

There are certain ways by which you can avoid being in a situation where you find yourself saying – “I need money right away!”

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Set Up An Emergency Fund

Emergency funds are created for the purpose “I need money now”. When you are confronted with unforeseen situations that are beyond your immediate control, an emergency fund comes in as your saviour. It is like a parachute that saves you from a freefall in the event of a financial crisis. To put it simply, an emergency fund is a savings account that is only used for unexpected expenses like medical bills, car repairs, or job loss etc.

Multiple Streams Of Income

If you find yourself in a tight financial situation despite having done everything in your power to increase your existing income, then it might be time to think about diversifying your income streams. You have a lot of options to diversify your income, the choice is yours.

You can invest in the stock market to increase your income through asset appreciation. You could invest your time and money in passive income sources like peer-to-peer lending, online business, earning royalties etc. Some passive income sources require a financial commitment upfront, such as purchasing a rental property, and others may require a time commitment. Purchasing buildings that will provide rental income is a wise way to invest in real estate.

 Some of the passive income opportunities could help you earn money quickly.

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Bottom Line

Like anything worth doing, earning money requires some hard work and commitment. Use these tips if you need instant cash, and start saving up for financial emergencies. If you prepare yourself for unexpected situations, you will avoid being in the “I need money now” loop! Saving and investing are two different things, understand the difference and free yourself from the cycle!

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