Personal Expense Tracker App: 6 Best Money Tracking App

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Keeping track of one’s earnings and expenses is an old tradition in India. Nearly all of us have likely seen at least one of our parents maintaining a record of their spending in a diary, notepad, journal, etc. The new generation these days is more accustomed to using smartphones than dairy and pen. The reason being people rarely have the time to keep track of their earnings and expenses. The requirement of the hour is to be adaptable to shifting trends. This is where financial management apps can aid in better money management for you. Managing finance is an important task to help you spend less and save more.

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There are numerous apps that can automatically keep tab on all of your earnings, outgoing costs, and investment activity while also offering you sound financial counsel. We’ll learn more about India’s top daily expenses app, personal expense tracker app, best money tracking apps for managing personal finances in this article.

Reasons for using personal expense tracker apps

Let’s first discuss why the personal tracker apps are necessary before getting into the options you have to select from. Majority of us don’t know where our money goes until the end of the month. We must determine our larger share of spending if we are to prevent this. Without even comprehending its entire impact on our monthly basis, we occasionally have a tendency to view an expense as insignificant since it just involves a single transaction. Consider purchasing one cup of coffee each day. The key to better financial management is recognising and resolving such problems. In this situation, a daily expenses app can be a good option.

What is a personal expense tracker apps?

To keep track of your costs, you can link your financial data to a personal expense tracker app. It aids in budgeting your daily expenses or, to put it another way, acts as a middleman so you can keep track of your spending without the help of a third party. You can get a clear picture of your spending and take control of your finances with a customised cost tracker software. It is easy to decide to start using them because there are so many daily expenses app available for free.

Advantages of personal expense tracker apps

The following are some advantages of having the best money tracking app in India on your phone:

  • Know your spending patterns and be aware of unnecessary purchases.
  • Reduce wasteful spending while adhering to your budget.
  • Organised input and outflow of cash.
  • Understand the emergency benefits of having a wallet.
  • Create good financial habits.
  • By eliminating waste, you can increase your wealth.

In addition to these advantages, personal expense tracker apps help you save money and manage spending using artificial intelligence advice. Some of the best money tracking apps for tracking personal expenses might also offer advice on investment opportunities.

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Personal Expense Tracker Apps/ Daily Expenses App

Realbyte Money Manager App

The Money Manager is an ios and Android app for managing assets, tracking expenses, and financial planning. The handling of your finances is made progressively easier.

The budget planner and expenditure tracker can be used to manage your assets, keep track of your personal and business financial transactions, and evaluate financial statistics daily, weekly, and monthly.

Key features of the App:

  • Double-entry accounting method
  • Management of expenses and budgets
  • Management of credit and debit cards
  • Feature for bookmarks
  • Quick access to statistics.
  • The backup/restore feature

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Bishinews Expense Manager App

Users looking for a better personal financial app might consider the simple, user-friendly, stable, and feature-rich expense manager.

Everything you require, including the ability to track your costs and set budgets, is available when using the expense manager app. Because of this, the expense manager app is listed among the top money management applications in India. You can also use the 50-30-20 budget rule to manage your income and expenses.

One of the top daily cost manager applications in India, the Bishinews expense manager app is totally free. You can utilise every feature because there are no additional costs or in-app purchases.

Key features of the App:

  • Bills are categorised and sorted by week, month, and year.
  • A progress bar for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual budgeting
  • Notification for payments
  • You can filter your result using several criteria, including category, subcategory, payee/payer, payment type, status, description, tag, and more.
  • Backups to SD Cards, Dropbox, and Google Drive are automatic.
  • A currency converter, a standard calculator, a tip calculator, a loan calculator, a payoff calculator, and an interest calculator are all included in the programme.
  • To securely synchronise, use your personal Dropbox or Google Drive account.
  • Internet access or registration is not required.
  • Split Transaction – Create a single transaction for all goods with various classifications and amounts.
  • You can schedule your one-time and regular payments.

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Axio Expense Tracker

Axio is the most desirable and suggested app for this era. With millions of users and high ratings, this one is quite well-known. Axio is the best money tracking app free to use all over. It includes incredible feature to help you track your spending and savings. Due to these incredible features, Axio has earned the title of best expense tracking software for Android.

Key features of the App:

  • Your SMS-based expenses are tracked.
  • In addition to tracking, this software also allows for BHIM UPI money transfers.
  • Along with other invoices, it maintains track of reminders for credit card payment due dates.
  • Your expense reports are exportable to CSV and pdf files, among other formats.
  • You can split bills with the aid of Axio.
  • In addition to spending, it also keeps track of other events like movie and trip reservations.
  • There is a backup facility.
  • You can enter expenses manually
  • You can also create additional categories of expenses as per your requirement.
  • Additionally, it assists you in finding local ATMs You can verify your account balances here and apply for a small loan too with Axio.


Wally is another daily expense app with a several options in each category. This is a hassle-free personal expense tracker app that works great. You can choose any language you wish to maintain your expenses. It works best with day-to-day expenses, so you may also treat it like an everyday routine. Additionally, you can make goals to limit unnecessary spending.

Key features of the App:


  • Gain knowledge of your spending patterns.
  • Calendar for personal finances.
  • Your data security is secure.
  • Billing reminders
  • Set financial goals.

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Zoho is among the best money tracking apps for expenditure tracking. A lot of medium-sized businesses also use it to stay inside their budgets. It has an incredibly well-designed platform that can offer answers by carrying out a number of activities and offering a variety of engaging features for users. It is primarily intended for corporations, but it works incredibly well for individualised tracking. You can create your own set of rules or choose from a wide variety of customization choices. Zoho is a very good option for consultants, aspiring business owners, marketers, educational institutions, and many other groups, including non-profit organisations.

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Key features of the App:

  • Control of the approval procedure
  • Mid-size business workflow management
  • Managing receipts
  • Expense controller by putting restrictions at different levels
  • Management of travel
  • Simplify your shopping
  • Reimbursements

Money Lover

Money lover is also a daily expense app which offers a simple way to track your costs, allowing you to increase your savings. Use Money Lover to establish limits, categorise your spending, create a budget, and receive up-to-date figures on your dashboard each time the app is used.

Key features of the App:

  • Reminders for payments due can be set.
  • Utilize the app’s resources, including the ATM and bank locator.
  • Download a free interest rate calculator.
  • In one click, you can get a comprehensive expense report.
  • Planning and controlling recurrent transactions.
  • Utilize simultaneously across several devices.
  • Effortlessly scan bills.
  • During international travel, exchange your currency.
  • You can manually enter spending and receive analyses in graphic representations.
  • Simple, colourful, and interactive charts that are easy to read and understand in order to identify the areas that need focus.

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Final Words

In order to maintain a balance between in your financial life savings is very important. One kind of saving scheme where you can invest at regular intervals is chit funds. In a chit fund saving scheme, a group of subscribers save a fixed amount of money every month. You can save money from your salary to invest in chit funds each month. And when the need arises, you can bid to borrow a lump sum at affordable rates. God forbid if you are faced with a financial emergency, the chit fund gives you a quick liquidity option to tide over the situation.

Chit Funds are one of the better saving schemes than most as investing in a Digital Chit Fund like The Money Club accrues 10%-15% interest compared to FD’s/RD’s in banks which might give only about 4% to 6% interest. Moreover, if you’re looking to take a loan, it can be quite arduous to apply for it in a bank. Whereas, if you take the chit fund route, you are sure to save a lot as the interest rate is relatively low.

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