Safe And Best Investment Plans With High Returns In India

Best investment plans

There is without a doubt a vast array of choices when it comes to locating the safe and best investment plans with high returns in India. However, we can’t help but wonder about one thing. Is there an investment strategy that can balance profits and risk? We are well aware that risk increases returns, and vice versa. Finding an investment strategy that can deliver significant returns with low risk, however, becomes challenging.

Different types of Best Investment Plan With High Returns are available in the market and offer additional benefits. Choosing an investment option that best suits your needs and requirements is important. In this article, we have brought to you the some of the safe and best investment plans with high returns in India.

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Importance of Investment plans

To Increase Wealth

Planning your investments in your 20s can help you build a passive source of income and generate a huge amount of wealth by the time you reach your 50s. One of the primary reasons you need to start investing today is to generate more wealth. Keep in mind that the sooner you begin your investment journey, the more wealth you can create.

To Enhance The Quality Of Life

Monthly investment plans with high returns can help you lead a better life. It enables you to receive monthly interest from your investments and gives you the extra money you need to indulge in your indulgence.

Provide Security to Family

Early investment planning enables you to save money for the future. Having enough money to cover your family’s future expenses gives you security and peace of mind.

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To Make Retirement Plans

You can build up a corpus by the time you reach retirement age by contributing a small sum to a retirement fund. It gives you financial independence in your latter years.

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Benefits of Buying Investment Plans

There are several benefits of safe investment with high returns In India including:

Financial Security

If you carefully manage your investments, you can achieve short- and long-term goals like your child’s marriage, schooling, retirement, etc.

Good Return

If you compare post-tax yields to other investment options, returns on investment plans are typically higher (especially in Unit Linked Insurance Plans)

Regular Income

Some investment plans offer regular income in dividends or interest payments. For example, fixed deposit schemes offer interest payments at regular intervals, which can help you meet your financial goals.

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Tax Benefits

The money you receive at maturity is tax-free under Section 10 (10) D of the Income Tax Act, and you can deduct the premium you pay from your taxes under Section 80C. Please note that the tax exemptions available under various plans vary, and you are urged to carefully consider the same. NPS offers tax benefits under Section 80C and Section 80CCD of the Income Tax Act.

Benefits for Riders

You can add extras like critical illness coverage, accidental death insurance, premium waivers, etc.


Some investment plans offer safety regarding the underlying assets. For example, NPS is backed by the government, making it a safe investment option. In the same way, fixed deposit schemes are also supported by the government, and they offer guaranteed returns.


If you need money later, you can also apply for a loan against the investments. From firm to company, the interest rate varies.

Benefits That Are Dual

By making stock market investments, you can increase your wealth while also storing money for future requirements.

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Safe and Best Investment Plans in India to get High Returns

Making an investment habit is advisable, especially if you are a young person with a steady source of income. If you enjoy seeing those additional zeroes in your account, you must begin planning, whether it be for a straightforward life insurance plan, a provident fund, a ULIP, or a regular systematic investing plan.

There is a wealth of knowledge available online about different investment vehicles that you can use to ensure your financial future. Let’s talk about some of India’s safe and best investment plans to get high returns.

National Pension Plan (NPS)

The Government of India provides the NPS as a long-term retirement planning and investment option tool. It is a market-linked pension plan that provides tax advantages in accordance with Sections 80C and 80CCD of the Income Tax Act.

The NPS investment minimum is Rs 1,000 per year. Rs. 1,50,000 is the annual maximum investment amount. Equity, debt, and government securities are just a few of the alternatives available to investors.

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Chit Funds

Chits, as a product, provide a plethora of advantages to its subscribers. Some of these benefits include chits being an easy-to-understand savings and borrowing product, less paperwork, and higher returns than a savings account. Chit funds are also free of market fluctuations, unlike equity instruments, bonds, and mutual funds, and have a disciplinary effect on investors by encouraging a strong commitment to save each month. Furthermore, because it is a highly liquid instrument, it is a useful tool for raising funds in times of emergency.

Chit fund is a savings and borrowing instrument that is distinct from other financial systems. When you invest in chits, you earn a higher return than other financial intermediaries, and when you borrow, you pay less interest.

Consider the case of a person who has been depositing Rs 1,000 into a recurring account for six months and is now facing a medical emergency. He can now withdraw a maximum of Rs 5,000, or approximately 80% of the amount deposited with the bank. However, if he had enrolled in a Rs 20,000 chit fund and paid only Rs 6,000, he would have been able to bid on the entire amount of Rs 20,000.

The Money Club is a Fintech Company that has built an AI-based P2P group savings platform to enable the lower-middle-class population to save, borrow and invest digitally. In fact, investing/funding from a 100% digital, legal, registered, and regulated Chit fund like The Money Club is advantageous. Here you can sign up and complete KYC digitally, manage your chits on your App, participate in e-auctions, and bid from the comfort of your own home. Hence, it the one of safe and best investment plan to get high returns in India.

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Equity-Based Mutual Funds

Equity mutual funds could be a smart choice for you if you’re willing to take on some risk in search of bigger returns. You are exposed to the potential development of the stock market through these funds’ investment in a diverse portfolio of stocks. Even while equities mutual funds are susceptible to market risks, they have the potential to produce better returns in the long run.

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Debt Mutual Funds

For investors seeking comparatively safer investment options with better returns than fixed-income investments, debt mutual funds may be a wise choice. These funds make investments in fixed-income securities such commercial papers, government bonds, and corporate bonds.

Debt mutual funds are the best choice for medium- to long-term goals even though they are vulnerable to interest rate risks and offer reasonably consistent returns.

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Equity Share

An equity share is a stake an investor has in the business. In this situation, the investor only owns a little portion of the business. Equity shares can produce amazing profits for someone looking for a long-term investment opportunity. However, one must keep in mind that equities shares are quite dangerous due to the fact that market volatility has an impact on their pricing. Therefore, before investing your hard-earned money in direct equities, be sure to conduct thorough study and comprehend market dynamics.

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Real Estate

When looking for a long-term growth opportunity, investing in real estate has always been a common alternative. Real estate is a solid investment for people with a long-term view even though property values have a tendency to climb gradually over the long run, despite their short-term volatility. Additionally, purchasing real estate can generate a steady stream of rental income for you, enhancing your returns.

Public Provident Fund

Another safe and best investment plan to get high returns in India is the Public Provident Fund. You can deposit up to INR 1,50,000 annually in the Public Provident Fund (PPF) to earn a fixed income in the future. It is a possibility for tax-free investment that can be opened through a bank or post office. Despite being a safe and low-risk investment option, it has a 15-year lock-in period and offers less lucrative returns than other investment plans. The present PPF interest rates of 7.6% barely cover inflation with a 7% rate of inflation expected in the near future. But if one wishes to accumulate riches gradually, they are insufficient.

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Difference Between Savings and Investment

Gold ETFs

Gold ETFs are exchange-traded funds that let an investor buy gold without needing to buy any actual physical assets. Physical gold prices set the cost of gold exchange-traded funds. Gold ETFs, as opposed to genuine gold bars, are very liquid and have the potential to generate substantial profits. You must keep in mind, though, that market volatility has an impact on the price of gold ETFs, making them riskier.

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By the end of this article you might have come to know about some of the safe and best investment plans in India to get high returns. For everyone, there isn’t a single optimal investing option in India. Several factors, like your age, risk tolerance, financial objectives, and time horizon, will determine the optimal investment that will provide you with high returns. Bank deposits and FDs are good selections if you’re looking for risk-free investing options with assured returns. Equity mutual funds and real estate, on the other hand, might be better choices if you’re prepared to assume some risk in order to invest money that will provide you a high rate of return.

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