Side Business Ideas For Ladies at Home: 15 Best Business Ideas

business ideas for ladies at home

Women from all social classes have always been multitaskers, juggling home and demanding careers. They may occasionally take a step back to nurture their commitments.

Modern women, on the other hand, have taken this in stride and turned into job creators rather than job seekers. The number of female entrepreneurs has increased. They are carving out a place for themselves in all walks of life, contributing to their families and the economy. Starting a business comes with its own set of risks and challenges. One of them is obtaining the necessary financing. However, several lenders have begun to offer low-interest business loans to women.

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15 Side Business Ideas For Ladies At Home

Here are some of the best side business ideas for ladies at home:

Vertical Gardening

Green walls or vertical gardens are an efficient solution that has emerged as a relief in the urban landscape. The eco-friendly method reduces pollution, making it one of the most popular side business ideas for ladies at home. This innovative urban gardening solution allows city dwellers to grow their own organic food. Vertical gardens are simple to maintain and require less space to grow vegetables and herbs.


A new homemaker can also start a gender-neutral business, such as a flower shop. A florist’s business is one of the side business ideas for women that does not require a large investment. Flowers are always in high demand, whether for a wedding, housewarming ceremony, home decoration, birthdays, corporate meetings, and so on. Mentors or business houses that offer franchise, consultation, and design patterns can provide necessary assistance.

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Tiffin/food services

Tiffin/food service is a good option for women who enjoy cooking and want to turn their hobby into a business. The investment is almost negligible, and all that is required are basic marketing efforts. People are willing to try new cuisines, while others are eager to invest in a meal that reminds them of home. This is a low-cost side business idea for ladies. As demand for good food is never-ending, a homemaker can deliver homemade food, and it is one of the most prominent side business ideas to do from home for ladies. Spread the word through word of mouth or digital channels, and you’re ready to go!


If a woman entrepreneur plans to start a chocolatier business, she will be exposed to a wide range of chocolate flavours. A separate space in the home should be set aside for such a home-based business, which is one of the side business ideas for ladies. Chocolate packaging must be purchased and is an appealing way to sell products. Because India is home to many religions and communities, there are many festivals where gift-giving is a ritual, and chocolate.

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Selling Handicrafts

Selling handicraft products online is a very profitable and successful side business idea for ladies which they can carry out from home. Different regions of India are well known for their distinctive handicrafts, such as clay horses, woodwork crafts, jute bags, and more. People from all over the world are drawn to Indian handicrafts. As a result, selling regional handicrafts is a wise online business from home for ladies. You can do this on your own website or through a reputable online marketplace. Many internet vendors selling handcrafted, one-of-a-kind crafts have Amazon accounts. If you want to start selling handcrafted, artisanal, and handicraft items online, you can sign up.

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Organic Cosmetics and Toiletries

Your passion for high-quality organic toiletries and cosmetics can be turned into a profitable business. Organic soaps, cosmetics, and other products are becoming more popular. Make a list of a few unique types of soaps that will help you stand out while keeping the initial investment low. Choose a unique selling point and use paid social media advertising to promote your products.


A homemaker’s hobby of making candles can be turned into a business with strategic plans. Proper research is required to understand how competitors obtain customers. It is one of the side business ideas for ladies at home that involves creativity and is associated with one-of-a-kind designs. Meeting customer demand is a priority, and a niche must be found, such as eco-friendly candles, scented candles, luxury candles, and so on.

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Yoga Teacher

A yoga business is a low investment and high-profit home-based business. It is rewarding as one of the side business ideas for ladies at home as everyone these days is becoming health-conscious. This business requires minimal investment in the form of training and certifications, but it is very likely to yield substantial profits. If you enjoy working out and enjoy teaching, teaching could be your calling. All you have to do is find a training centre near you and complete a certification course that will provide you with the knowledge needed to teach learners of all levels. The start-up may be slow initially, but the business grows later.

Clothes Business

A homemaker who enjoys both traditional and trendy clothing may consider starting a clothing business. Because a large portion of the population is interested in looking smart and trendy, it is one of the side business ideas for ladies. Even if there is a financial crisis in the market, the clothing industry is unaffected. After contacting manufacturers and suppliers, selected clothing designs can be mass-produced.

Consultancy Firm

If you have worked as a professional, you can turn your knowledge and experience into a business. Companies are always looking for talented professionals who can help them plan their business better in this agile business environment. Choose between short-term and long-term consulting projects. Setting up a consultancy business may be the best option for you if you have strong connections with professionals from various industries and are up to date on the latest business developments.

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Day Care Center

The growing number of nuclear families, with both parents working, has increased the demand for day-care services. Parents are eager to invest in day-care services that provide a nurturing environment for their children’s development.

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A working woman’s entrepreneurial vision should lead her to open a beauty parlour. The female entrepreneur must decide whether she wants to open a small or home beauty parlour. It is one of the side business ideas for ladies, and working ladies must look for suitable locations. Women entrepreneurs should consider specialising in haircuts and ‘up-dos.’

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is one of the side business ideas for ladies to do from home. Several websites have emerged to teach students of all ages. A woman entrepreneur can earn a decent living from the comfort of her own home.

Career Counseling

Career Counseling is the most demanding business these days. There are many people who have done their studies or are doing their studies but they are confused which stream to choose in order to make a good career. So, they need guidance from someone, who can give them a good direction in choosing the career according to his/her skills, interest and potential. Hence, if you have knowledge of different courses and different job opportunities you can choose the career counseling business.

Interior Designer

If you have an eye for design, you can start your own interior design business. If you always get compliments when someone comes to your house, it means you have good taste and decorating skills. So, use them and provide interior design consulting, either in-person or online.

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Final Words

Thus, no matter what business you have set your heart on, investing in a Chit Fund scheme can give wings to your dreams. Chit funds are a great way for business owners and start-ups to get the funds they need to grow their businesses. You can put a part of your current profits in a chit fund scheme. A lump sum payment will be available to you whenever you need the money. Investing in chit funds gives financial support to your business. Unlike other financial institutions, a chit fund is more helpful and understands the need for liquid cash with minimal paperwork and documentation. Your investment will provide a good return of 10% -15% p.a. if you keep the money and do not withdraw it by the end of the term.

Suppose, you plan to start a business in the coming 6 months or a year, you can save regularly in a chit scheme of 1 year. After one year you will have a lumpsum amount to start your business without borrowing from anyone. Choose a digital chit fund platform like The Money Club which has a customer base of more than 4 lakhs.

Go ahead and live the dream!

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