Unique Business Ideas In India: 12+ Unique Startup Ideas

Unique Business Ideas

Many people nowadays want to start their own business but lack a good business idea. Choosing a unique idea is essential when creating a startup. If you want to start a business but don’t know what to do, you’ve come to the right place.

India is a land of opportunities and dreams, where you can find endless possibilities to make your own fortune. For aspiring entrepreneurs, India is an especially exciting country to consider starting a business in because there are so many unique business ideas here! Find inspiration below with our list of unique startup ideas.

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Unique Business/Startup Ideas In India

Here is a list of unique business ideas in India for aspiring entrepreneurs.

App Development

If you have a great idea for an app and the skill set to make it happen, app development can be one of unique business ideas which is quite lucrative and rewarding. Before looking for investors, make sure your idea hasn’t already been developed and that there is a market for it.


Are you passionate about a specific subject that you enjoy discussing with anyone who will listen? Then podcasting could be the ideal business idea for you! Podcasting is one of the excellent and unique startup ideas for people who are enthusiastic about a particular subject and want to spend their time sharing information about it. With more podcasters appearing every day, now is the time to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

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Online Courses

All you need to start an online courses business is a special skill and a desire to teach it to others. Do you speak another language? Do you have experience with social media marketing? Are you a skilled photographer? If you have extensive knowledge in a particular field or an impressive skill set, starting an online course is a great way to put your skills to use. Make it your own by creating a curriculum that is unique to you, complete with assignments and objectives that will keep your students engaged.

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Artificial / Fashion Jewelry

People used to spend a lot of money to buy jewellery, but now they can get it for a low price. The main reason for this is imitation or artificial jewellery. People nowadays prefer to wear artificial or imitation jewellery because it has numerous advantages. People can purchase this jewellery for a cheaper price. It is safer and more secure. They can buy a wide range of jewellery. You can open your own Artificial Jewellery store. You can also do this business online, such as selling jewellery through a website or an e-commerce store. You can also sell this jewellery on major e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay.

Food Truck

This is a new unique business idea in India, so there is little competition. You can start your own food truck business. The food truck has numerous advantages. You can start this business with a very small investment. Operating expenses are very low in comparison to other hotel businesses. This business appears appealing, so many customers are drawn to it. You don’t need to buy anything because you can take your hotel with you wherever you go. If you don’t find a customer in one location, try another. You can experiment by going to different locations to see where you are getting customers.

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Life Coach

Most people want to improve, but many struggle to do so. The life coaching industry assists people in making the changes they desire in their lives, whether they are related to their career, health, relationships, or other aspects of their lives. The Life Coach is there to talk to clients about their problems, to help them set their own motivational goals, and to help them navigate important personal and professional decisions. Most life coaches coach various aspects of their clients’ lives, but it is possible to specialise in coaching in areas where you are truly passionate. Choosing a niche, meeting the ideal client, creating your first offer, planning and outreach, attracting your first paid clients, increasing your online presence, and so on are all necessary steps in starting a life coaching business which is also a unique startup idea.

Peer-to-Peer Business Lending Platform

Peer-to-peer lending is a unique business/startup idea because it can help communities and people who need loans the most, and it is also inexpensive to start. Because not everyone wants or can access a bank for a loan, the peer-to-peer lending platform is ideal.

Investors would put their money up for loans and receive a high interest rate. It is an alternative investment firm. To execute, you would start by creating a safe and secure platform where people could upload their money and a way for users to create profiles with accurate credit scores.

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Greenhouses on Skyscrapers

Now, this is what I call one of the most unique business/startup ideas. Land is becoming increasingly scarce as the world’s population and city densities increase. This has created a challenge for communities in terms of providing fresh vegetables and fruits in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. Building vertical greenhouses with multiple levels of different fruits and vegetables, similar to a skyscraper, could harvest produce for a city or town.

This would save money on transportation, provide fresher food, and require less space than a traditional farm. Furthermore, as time goes on, robots could manage each level of the facility, in conjunction with sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, and so on, in order to grow the perfect produce.

This is a costly idea because a building would need to be purchased, but it would provide a lot of benefits to the community and could generate a lot of money in the long run.

Make Gift Baskets

Entrepreneurs can collect various items and create one-of-a-kind hampers for a variety of purposes. Whether it’s a birthday present or a Diwali celebration, entrepreneurs can buy in bulk at wholesale prices and pay special attention to packaging. During special occasions, these hampers will make gifting easy. Balloon hampers or floral packaging are examples of good packaging. The importance of safe delivery cannot be overstated. Including unusual items in the hamper can give this unique business idea a nice twist.

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Customized items make excellent gifts! Entrepreneurs can easily obtain printers that produce personalized stickers. They can then offer to personalize items such as books, bottles, mugs, and so on, which would make the ideal gift for loved ones. To generate a consistent income, entrepreneurs can offer bulk purchases for weddings, office celebrations, and other events. Customizations can also be done by hand or with the help of other tools such as an airbrush or embossing machines for leather. These options will make the products unique, just like the unique business idea.

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Sell Zero-Waste Items

This is another trendy unique startup idea. Starting a zero-waste business can be an ethical and environmentally conscious decision. Selling sustainable products like reusable bags, bamboo toothbrushes, or zero-waste packaging could appeal to an increasing number of environmentally conscious customers.

Make Eco-Friendly, Health-Conscious Makeup And Beauty Products

As people become more aware of the impact their personal choices have on their health and the environment, they are looking for more eco-friendly health and beauty products. Developing safe and environmentally friendly products could be a great and unique startup idea.

Become A Resume Writer

Everyone requires a resume, but few people are skilled or enjoy writing their own. If you have writing experience and want to start a business with no upfront costs, this the best startup idea. A resume writing service assists job applicants in writing resumes with professional formatting, providing details about previous experiences, and emphasising relevant skills. Resume writing companies typically interview job candidates, either in person or virtually, about their education, work experience, skills, and certifications or awards. A professional resume writer will then create a resume that includes the job seeker’s relevant background information. Resume writing services may also assist with other career services such as cover letter writing and career counseling.

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