Which Is The Best Bill Splitting App?

Best Bill Splitting App

I remember when I used to travel by bus to college with a group of friends. We had a fantastic motto, “Hamara Desh Ka Ek Hi Sapna – Ticket Nikalo Apna Apna.” Today, this logic applies perfectly to the restaurant and other bills that your group incurs. Maybe, we did not have payment apps during the olden days, but today’s generation has, making it easy for them to share their bills and collect group payments.

We shall discuss an excellent app to collect group payments in this article.

You might have heard of Splitwise, an expense-sharing app on Google PlayStore. Though millions of people globally use this app to split bills, we will discuss India’s most popular payment app, allowing you to share bills and collect money. Unfortunately, there are no prizes for guessing the app’s name right. Yes, it is Google Pay, also better known as G-Pay.

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How to split bills on G-Pay?

Though you might have been using G-Pay every day for your local purchases and money transfers, did you know that you can split an expense and request money for the bill through India’s most popular payment app, G-Pay? Let us see how you can create a bill and request funds from your group.

How do you split a bill on G-Pay in an existing group?

Here is the simple process explained step-by-step. After that, anyone can try it out at home.

  1. Open your G-Pay app.
  2. Now, open the existing group chat and tap on the option ‘Split an expense.’ If you do not know where this option is, you can go to the Discover page and look at the option “New Group.” It allows you to have a group chat or split an expense.
  3. Since you have an existing group, you can continue. Otherwise, you can always create a new group and include all your friends’ names.
  4. Enter the bill amount and give the bill a name.
  5. Select your friends you want to share the bill amount with.
  6. Tap on the ‘Send Request’ option. The bill is shared.

Please note that the creator of the bill split alone can receive the money. As the group makes individual payments, the amounts get credited to the creator’s bank account on G-Pay.

Check the Bill Status

The creator of the bill can check the bill status at any time. The app provides information on who has paid the amount and which part of the bill remains unpaid. However, the other participants can check how many payments are still pending. Unfortunately, they do not get the info of who is yet to pay.

  1. Open the G-Pay app.
  2. Open the specific group for which you have created the bill.
  3. Select the bill for which you wish to view the details.

Close the Bill

You can close the bill once all the participants have paid their share. After closing the bill, no one can pay any amount to the creator.

  1. Open the G-Pay app.
  2. Open the specific bill.
  3. Check the status.
  4. Tap on the ‘More’ option. Then, proceed to the Close Bill option and close the bill.

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How do you respond to a bill request?

It is possible to respond to a bill request in two ways.

  • From a notification
  1. Open the G-Pay notification.
  2. Tap on the ‘Pay Now’ option to pay the amount.
  • From a Group Chat
  1. Open the G-Pay app
  2. Open the chat.
  3. On seeing the bill split request, tap on the Pay option
  4. Select your payment method and click ‘Proceed to pay.’

So, we have seen how easy it is to pay the shared bill amount. If you have not tried this option, we suggest you try it immediately. It works like magic. So, you need not maintain special accounts when spending in a group. All you do is link the friends on a group chat and collect the payments.

Final Thoughts

See how simple it is to collect payments. Money Club uses a similar method to collect chit fund payments and pass them on to the beneficiary. Therefore, we call upon you to invest in Money Club Chit Fund Platform and develop a savings habit.

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