Which is the best refer and earn app in India?

Refer and earn app

The internet has opened up innumerable ways of earning money, with or without investment. Content writing, data analysis, app development, etc., are skillful jobs that require people to possess specific skills. Online trading is an excellent way to earn money, but the trader should know how the market functions and the stock trends. It requires extensive study. However, if you search for an easy way to earn money online, the refer and earn apps should be ideal because all you do is refer people to the platform and encourage them to download, install, and use the app.

This article discusses the best refer and earn apps available in India.

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Why is Refer and Earn a top trend today?

First, referring people to download a particular app does not require anyone to possess any technical knowledge or skill. All you need is an extensive social media following. So, the more people you know, the more you can refer to. The more friends you refer to the platform, the higher your income is.

Whenever a new app enters the market, it has to entice customers. Though the app makers have their marketing strategies, they are not sufficient to popularize the app. There is nothing like a referral procedure because of people’s trust factor. So, app manufacturers run specific refer and earn campaigns to provide exciting incentives to people to refer the app to their friends and acquaintances. It helps them get greater visibility in the market.

Refer and earn app Program Working

How do the Refer and Earn programs work?

It does not require any particular knowledge to understand how the refer and earn programs work. All the user does is download the app and use it for any specific purpose. If the users like the functionality and usability of the app, they refer it to their friends. Every user gets a referral code to share with the people they refer. The referee has to download the app using the referral code.

The company incentivizes users to refer as many people as possible to their platform. These incentives can be cashback vouchers or discount coupons. Cashback is a preferred mode because it directly reflects in the user’s savings account, whereas one has to redeem the discount vouchers on the specific platform before they expire.

Let us now discuss the top refer and earn apps. Though hundreds of refer and earn apps exist, we will discuss the most popular ones that offer decent referral income.

Top refer and earn apps


Upstox is an online trading app that helps analyze the Indian stock exchange markets and trade. The user should be equipped with sufficient knowledge of how the stock markets function. This app offers the latest charting tools and live market data to help investors and traders. Therefore, it ranks as one of India’s most popular online trading apps.

This app is available on App Store and Google Play Store. However, users must download and install this app on their smartphones.

  1. The next step is to enter your mobile number and verify the OTP you receive on the phone.
  2. Enter the essential details and complete the verification procedure.
  3. You can start using the app and trade online.
  4. You get a unique referral code to share with your friends.
  5. On referring your friends, they can join the platform by downloading the app on their smartphones using your referral code.
  6. Upstox pays Rs 500 per person you refer to the platform.
  7. Besides, you can become a sub-broker by partnering with Upstox and getting a share of the brokerage from each trade placed by your referee.
Money Club App Refer and Earn

Every Indian knows how chit funds work because they must have participated in some chit fund. The local unregistered chit funds are popularly known as Committee, Beesi, Kuree, etc. Besides these unofficial chit funds, you have registered chit fund platforms such as the Money Club that allow similar savings and borrowing facilities.

While the Money Club is one of the most reliable online chit fund platforms, the app offers excellent opportunities to earn passive income by referring new members to the Money Club Referral Program.

The process is simple.

  1. Users can log in to the Money Club app and tap on the badge provided on the bottom-left side of the home screen.
  2. Alternatively, users can open the app menu and tap on the ‘Refer & Earn’ option.
  3. Users must share their referral code with their friends and invite them to download and use the Money Club app.
  4. For every referral, the user gets Rs 200 (100 as cash and 100 as credit). Besides, the referee receives a discount of 50% on the verification fee.
  5. Whenever the referee completes a real club in the subsequent 12 months, the referrer gets Rs 50 per real club closed by the referee.

The Money Club runs a special Money Club Agent Program as well wherein a user can earn Rs 18,000 or more per month by referring the Money Club app to his trusted circle. For each verified referral, an agent earns Rs 200 cash which he can redeem to his bank account. Additionally, he earns bonuses on every 5, 10, 15 and 20 verified referrals. Not only this, an agent keeps earning Rs 50 per real club closed (except for the 1st two real clubs closed) by the referee for 12 months. Know more

Refer and Earn Rs.18000 or more as an Agent

MobiKwik App Refer and Earn

Almost everyone has heard of the MobiKwik payment app. It is an excellent alternative to G-Pay. However, users have experienced connectivity and server issues with G-Pay. Under such circumstances, MobiKwik offers excellent payment options without any such issues.

Besides using MobiKwik for payments to business vendors, users can pay their utility bills, recharge mobiles, pay the insurance premium, transfer money from one bank account to another, etc.

MobiKwik offers an excellent referral program that allows registered users to introduce their friends and invite them to the MobiKwik platform.

  1. Download the MobiKwik app from Google PlayStore and install it on the smartphone.
  2. Complete the registration formalities.
  3. Set up your MobiKwik UPI and complete the first transaction. You get Rs 50 as cashback into your account.
  4. Registered users can participate in the Refer and Earn programs and earn Rs 1500 from the app.
Google Pay App Refer and Earn

Google pay has become the most trusted money payment app during the COVID-19 pandemic, with almost every streetside vendor accepting Google Pay. It explains the massive subscriber list that G-Pay has. However, with more players coming into the picture, G-Pay also has to maintain its clientele and search for new customers. Therefore, they have introduced a Refer & Earn program that allows existing users to share a referral code with their friends and encourage them to download, install, and use G-Pay.

  1. Download G-Pay from Google PlayStore and install it on your phone.
  2. Complete the signing-up formalities using the phone number registered with your bank account.
  3. Use Google Pay for your first transaction and earn Rs 21 cashback.
  4. You get a referral code that you share with friends and invite them to the platform.
  5. You get a cashback of Rs 201 when your referee completes their first transaction on G-Pay. Similarly, they get Rs 21 as cashback.

As G-Pay is a safe application, you can refer as many people as possible and keep earning your cashback. Thus, G-Pay ranks as one of India’s best refer and earn apps.

Cred App App Refer and Earn

Almost everyone has credit card bills to pay. Generally, people use the internet and mobile banking to pay their credit card bills. However, most banks do not offer opportunities to pay other bank credit card outstanding amounts. Therefore, the Cred app is an ideal mobile app that allows convenient payment of almost all credit card bills.

Users have to register themselves with the platform after downloading the app from Google PlayStore. Then, the Cred app retrieves the credit card information from the database based on the user credentials. After that, using the app to pay the credit card outstanding amounts is easy because the payment gets credited within seconds.

Cred offers cashback and rewards for using the app. Users can participate in bounty programs and earn handsome prizes. Besides, Cred offers a Refer and Earn program where existing users can refer other people to join the platform and avail of the benefits. Every referee who uses the app to pay their bills entitles the referrer to a cashback of Rs 1,000

Teen Patti Master App Refer and Earn

We have discussed various apps that enable users to make business payments. Let us now explore another exciting refer and earn app, Teen Patti Master App, which allows you to play games, collect free rewards, participate in spin and win Rs 10,000 cash.

  1. The initial step is to download and install the Teen Patti Master App.
  2. Register yourself using your mobile number.
  3. You get a free sign-up bonus of Rs 20 immediately.
  4. Keep logging into the app for seven consecutive days and get Rs 155 cashback in your wallet.
  5. You can start playing games and earn money.

Besides, you can refer friends to the platform and earn a referral bonus of Rs 20. 

Amazon Pay App Refer and Earn

Amazon Pay is similar to your G-Pay and MobiKwik payment apps because it allows you to link your bank account and pay for your grocery, utility bills, bank-to-ban transfers, mobile, and DTH recharges, etc.

Amazon Pay UPI offers a refer and earn feature and facilities to invite friends to join the platform. You get Rs 75 as an Amazon Pay balance on inviting your friend, but after they complete their first transaction of at least Rs 100. Besides, they get a bonus cashback of Rs 100.

You can use the Amazon Pay account to pay for your expenses.

PayTM App App Refer and Earn

PayTM was among the initial payment apps introduced in India, much before COVID-19. The app provided exciting options to recharge phones, pay utility bills, and purchase movie and travel tickets.

PayTM offers its rewards as Cashback or scratch cards. First-time users get a scratch card of Rs 50 on transferring a minimum of Rs 50.

Phone Pe App Refer and Earn

Phone Pe is similar to G-Pay and other payment apps because you can use the app to make miscellaneous payments, recharge mobiles, transfer bank balances, transfer money from your credit card to the wallet, etc.

First-time users get a sign-up offer of up to Rs 1000 as a scratch card. Besides, users get referral bonuses ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 9999.

Tata 1mg App Refer and Earn

While you have payment and food delivery apps are becoming popular because of COVID-19 restrictions, pharmacy apps like Tata 1mg gained significant usage. This app allows registered users to purchase medicines from genuine pharmacy shops after uploading a prescription. If you do not have a medical prescription, Tata 1mg has a team of online doctors who confirm your health issues over the phone and generate an online prescription. You can purchase your medicines at discounted rates using such medications.

Tata 1mg offers exciting cashback to regular users as a loyalty measure. Users can redeem these cashback amounts when purchasing medicines online. In addition, Tata 1mg enables users to register for medical checkups from reputed labs. They get fabulous discounts and rewards for signing up for such offers.

Finally, Tata 1mg has a refer and earn program allowing users to refer their friends to the platform. Your friend gets a reward of Rs 50 on signing up using your referral code. Besides, you get Rs 50 when they order their first consignment and take its delivery.

Ola App Refer and Earn

Who does not know about the travel app, Ola? While users can book cabs or auto-rickshaws for travel using the Ola app, it also offers a refer and earn program. All users get a referral code that can be used to invite friends to join the platform and avail of their services.

Once your invitee downloads and installs the Ola app, you and your invitee get Rs 50 as Ola cashback. This cashback can be redeemed when you make payment for your drives.

Final Thoughts

Almost every app available on Google Play Store or App Store has a refer and earn program. However, we have discussed the top refer and earn apps. These apps allow users to earn handsome cashback and discount offers on referring their friends and acquaintances to join the platform. It presents an easy way to earn passive income.

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