Work from home jobs for ladies – 10+ business ideas for housewives

Work from home jobs for ladies

Women are becoming more ambitious and wish to earn money and be financially independent. In addition to occupations that cater to women, like those in teaching and administration, more and more women are choosing careers in domains like marketing, media, and entrepreneurship.

If you are a housewife, a working mom, or a homemaker, you may also be searching the internet for ‘How to earn money from home for ladies?’. Fortunately, there are a variety of professions and work from home jobs for ladies which you can do from home that are easy, flexible, and need little to no investment. These offline and online jobs for ladies at home will not interfere with your daily activities. It allows you to contribute to your household expenses as well as maintain a perfect life-work balance. There is no qualification or age barrier, or any requirement of past experience.

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How To Earn Money From Home For Ladies?

Below are some offline work from home jobs for ladies that give women decent money and work-life balance.

Sell Homemade Food

The ideal business idea for housewives to use their culinary abilities and make money is to sell homemade food. These days, instead of fast food, many people like home-cooked meals. You can start by accepting small orders to deliver homemade tiffins, and then gradually you can offer catering services for small get-togethers, birthdays and other occasions. Depending on how many orders there are, the minimum daily investment for this business is between Rs. 500 and Rs.1000. Profit margin depends on the number of clients you have.

Bakery and Cake Making Business

There is nothing more fulfilling than pursuing your passion and starting a business around it. If baking is your hobby, put your abilities to use and launch a home-based cake and bakery products business. You can start selling to family, friends, and neighbours with little initial expenditure, and as your business grows, you can grow your business online. You can start with a minimum investment of Rs 5000 or less. Less than Rs.5,000 can be used as a starting point. Depending on the volume of orders, a profit is anticipated. This is a wonderful business idea for housewives who can bake. You can also learn to bake by taking up a course if this work interests you.

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Beauty Salon

If you have interest in makeup and beauty, then you can definitely take this as your career option. If you do not have any knowledge, you can also get proper training in such courses, if you are interested. You can start this work from your own home and increase your client list by spreading word of mouth. This is a perfect work from home job for ladies as this business will always be in high demand.

Day Care Centre

Starting a day care centre is one another great business idea for housewives. In cities usually people live in nuclear families and both parents are working. Such parents look for reliable day care centres where they can leave their kids. If you’re good at handling and taking care of kids, and enjoy spending time with them, then you can earn money by starting a day care at your home. As a mother you can use your experience and take advantage of it. You can start this business with a basic investment of Rs. 10000 to Rs 20000.

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Selling Handicrafts

Handmade products are quite in demand these days. If you have creative skills and can create handmade products this is the most interesting way to earn money from home for ladies. You can use your imagination and make a wide variety of products from home decor, jewelry, gift items, scented candles, paintings, and whatever else you’re good at. You can also make decorative items as per the festivals. For better customer reach, you can sell your products on online shopping sites. With so many things to make, this is the most suitable business idea for housewives. A minimum investment of Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000 is required in this business for raw materials.

Taking Tuitions

For housewives taking tuitions is a comfortable and convenient job as it will take up 4—5 hours of your time. This will not only help you break the monotony but also make good use of your academic skills. You must choose subjects in which you are good and use your knowledge to teach students either online or offline. If you are good at English, there are many online tutoring platforms where you can charge Rs. 500-1000 per hour from non-English speaking children. It is a flexible, high-paying best business for housewives with no investment.

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Yoga and Fitness Business

Are you a fitness freak? A good and profitable business idea for housewives is to start fitness or yoga training at home. The best way to start a fitness business from home is by giving training to people who live nearby, friends and society. However, in order to gain recognition and a larger number of customers, you can choose to start a YouTube channel and gradually start training online or posting short videos on social media to reach the target audience. When customers get positive results, there are unlimited possibilities.

Earn Money by Referring

Refer and Earn is a very good way for women to earn money. For this, you have to search for some such apps which give money for referring. To Refer and Earn, you have to download an app and create a referral link and share it with your friends on social media. If someone downloads that app with the help of your link then you get money for it. There are many apps which have the option to refer and earn like PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm Money, The Money Club etc. The Money Club is India’s best AI-powered online chit fund platform that lets you borrow money as well as save your money. In a chit fund, a group of people or subscribers agree to contribute a fixed amount every month for a fixed period of time to a corpus. When you pay the monthly installment, you invest that money and earn good returns (approx 25% annually) and when you win the auction, you borrow against the subsequent installments (future savings). You can also earn money online by referring people to join The Money Club. In this platform you can work as an agent and earn Rs 20,000 or more per month sitting at home. You can also read: 15 Best Money Earning Apps In India Without Investment 

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Selling E-Books and Courses

If you have the necessary abilities and knowledge, change is not tough. You can train others and work as an online mentor to help them develop their talents. For instance, if you are an expert in social media, you may begin an online consultation on the best approaches and methods for expanding your business using social media. Best-selling e-books and online courses are in high demand. E-books can be sold, or you can write for others. Selling online courses as video modules that highlight your knowledge and abilities is a terrific method to make extra money. You can start this business with zero investment and this is also one of the best passive income ideas also. You write a book once and earn money whenever somebody buys it.

Blogging and Freelance Writing

Several people now make their living solely from blogging. Your creativity will soar as a result of learning the skill of blogging, and you’ll earn money from a variety of sources. A blog that has been optimised for SEO can reach a huge readership and create numerous revenue streams. If you have a flare for writing, and you are looking for online jobs for ladies at home, blogging is the best solution. You can write blogs on any topic that interests you from fashion, beauty, health, fitness, travel, and more.

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Launch a YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the largest video blogging platforms. 1000s of videos are being published every day. Through videos on cooking, gardening, handicrafts, fashion, DIY, workout, beauty instructions, etc., YouTube has assisted many housewives in making a respectable income. Choose your fields of interest and publish your video and follow digital marketing techniques to grow your channel. The revenue from YouTube videos grows with the number of views on the site. This is a fun and unique method to start making money from home. This is the most trending way to earn money online without investment.


In this article we have discussed work from home jobs for ladies and 11 business ideas for housewives. So ladies, it’s time to gain financial security and independence without sacrificing family time. You don’t need a big initial investment to launch a profitable home-based business; all you need is the right talent and commitment. You may make decent money from the comfort of your own home with the help of these business ideas for housewives.