About the Money Club

Money Club wants to make saving, investing and borrowing money more efficient.

  • Evidently saving within a group is more efficient than doing it by yourself.
  • Each one of us has a social equity that is usually leveraged to borrow money quickly and efficiently in times of need and
  • if we have an option to park money where we make more returns than a fixed deposit won’t we be interested?

The simplest way for anyone today is to be able to do this is on a mobile phone and on the move! So, Money Club is creating a mobile app that enables people to form closed and highly trusted clubs within which they can Save, Invest and borrow money more efficiently!

We believe in moving the power of banking into the hands of the consumer

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moneyclubber mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a platform where 1 million people can come together to join Money Club with other verified peers!

Our Vision

Money Club’s vision is to democratize community banking.

Over centuries, Rotating Savings and Credit associations (ROSCAs) have been used by demographics with a strong social fabric where (interest) groups come together to save, borrow and lend money to each other. We believe that this is a strong institution where the credit risk lies with the user and, evidently, individual users are quite good at assessing the credit risk of their peers.

Money Club is formed with the vision to use technology to put the power of banking into the hands of trusted communities across the globe.

moneyclubber vision

The Team You Can TRUST

Our team works wonders
Manuraj Jain profile image

Manuraj Jain

Founder And CEO
Surajit Ray

Surajit Ray

CO-Founder and CTO

Vikrant Singh

Head of Operations

Randeep Pathak​

Club Management Head

Siddhant Gupta

Siddhant Gupta ​

Moneyclub Office

Kishalay Kundu

Kishalay Kundu

V.P. Engineering



Ramanna Sathyanarayana

Advisor on Engg

Alok Nandan

Advisor on Product Management

Mahesh Ramachandra

Advisor on Fintech

Rishi Anand

Advisor on all things Legal

Gaurav Suri

Advisor on Capital structuring

How The App Works?

Currently all the clubs are formed by the Money Club Team only. We take verified members in a club based on their profile and their transaction history on the platform.

how the app works