Terms and conditions

  • You get ₹200 (₹100 cash + ₹100 credit) for every successful referral.  However, if you are a Money Club agent, you get ₹200 cash for every successful referral.
  • A referral is considered a successful referral when he/she successfully completes the level 1 verification.
  • Your referral get’s 50% discount on his L1 verification fees.
  • You get ₹50 cash bonus every time your referral completes a real club successfully in 12 months. Suppose, your referral completes 20 real clubs in the next 12 months after getting L1 verified, then you earn ₹50 x 20 = ₹1,000 more.
    This bonus is not applicable for the real clubs closed by a club owner or by a referral coming from our partner platforms. However, if you are a Money Club agent, you get ₹50 per real club completed by your referral from his 3rd real club onwards for 12 months. This offer for agents is applicable for the real clubs closed by referrals after 07-Feb-2022.
  • This offer is live from 1-April-2019. Any referral made before 1-April-2019 would not be eligible for the reward specified in the referral program..
  • The Referral Program will be valid only when the referee registers himself on the Money Club android app with the referral code of the referrer.
  • If the referee does not complete the level 1 verification, then the referrer will not be eligible to get the referral reward.
  • Your referrals are invited to join clubs based on their respective Money Clubbing limits and transaction history they maintain on the platform.
  • No reward is applicable if the referee defaults and it will not be counted as a valid referral going forward.
  • Moneyclub Technologies Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to end or change any or all offers at its discretion without any prior notice.
  • Accounts suspected of doing fraud will be blacklisted from getting any benefits under the Referral Program.
  • The Money Club team’s decision with respect to any issues regarding the referral program would be final and binding.