Amit Formed A Money Club That Has Pooled Up Rs.1.2 lakh Till Date

money club pooled

Money Club Pooled above Rs.1.2 lakh Till Date know how Amit did it !!

Lets meet Amit, club owner of AMHI Money Club

This club has already pooled up Rs 1,20,000 till date.

Pool Up Money Online With Verified Peers

Amit used to be a part of an offline money committee when he saw the HUGE benefits of forming his own Money Club pooled (which is basically a committee on the mobile). He got his office colleagues together and 10 of them agreed to pool up Rs 20,000 every month, which in turn could be taken by one of them. (Just like a kitty, but this is an interest bearing kitty where everyone also earns an interest)

This is the 3rd video of a 3 part series where in :

This is the 3rd video of a 3 part series where in

Part 01

We met the money clubbers who picked the Rs 20,000 to fullfil their fund requirements immediately without any paperwork

Part 02

We met the money clubbers who have contributed Rs 12,000 in their Money Club till date.
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Forming a Money Club pooled is by invitation only at the moment. If you also want to form your own Money Club, download the Money Club mobile app and schedule a call with us.

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