Safe and Best Investment Apps In India To Start Investing

Best Investment Apps

Investing can now be done on your mobile device with just a single click due to fintech innovation. India’s best investment apps make it simple for novice investors to become financially literate while investing. As a result wealth maximization is attainable for everyone. People no longer have a fear of investing money online because fintech companies have made it so simple and easy. We can anticipate that investing will become even simpler as technology advances.

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The Best Investment App In India To Invest Safely

Best Investment Apps In India

In recent times many people are searching for Best Investment Apps in India so that they can feel secure while investing money. So that is why in today’s article we will evaluate the best investment apps in India and explore them in detail.


Upstox Pro is a free web-based trading platform which is noted for its speed and simplicity. It allows trading on exchanges like BSE and NSE. All the broking services are cheaper than most of their competitors. It charges a flat rate of Rs 20 per trade.


  • Clean and clutter-free interface
  • Direct trade from charts using the TFC option
  • Unlimited customize watchlists
  • Unlimited price alerts which help in quick decision-making and trading
  • Charting features


Groww, a billion-dollar online investment platform based in Bangalore, Karnataka, allows investors to invest in stocks and mutual funds. It is registered with AMFI & SEBI and all mutual fund companies (AMCs). You can invest in equity, mutual funds, balanced funds, gold funds, SIP etc with this best investment app in India.


  • Personalized watchlists
  • Share prices and their movements in real time for all NSE and BSE-listed stocks
  • Extremely safe for trading because it uses SSL encryption of 128 bits
  • Recent financial news and analysis
  • Easy tracking of invested instruments with the charting tools and brokerage calculator
  • There are no fees for opening an account

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The primary trading platform for Zerodha is the brand-new app called Kite. Using cutting-edge technology, the company, which operates in a number of countries, provides its customers with the highest possible discount, brokerage model, and brokerage services. You can invest in stocks, commodity, currency, derivatives.


  • Works well in low bandwidth
  • Supports up to 10 regional languages
  • Simple, productive, and easy-to-browse interface
  • Customized multi-market watch list views
  • Biometric login
  • Multi-exit option
  • Inbuilt console reports
  • Filter for market watch and all other trading listings
  • Rs 300/ – for opening an account

Download the Money Club App to Invest, Save and Borrow Money.

Money Club

Money club App is a saving, investing and borrowing app. The Money Club is a fintech company that has built an AI-based savings and lending tool to enable the lower-middle class population to save, borrow and invest money digitally. It works on the committee system but digitally. Here a group of verified members come together and contribute a fixed amount every month for a particular tenure.


  • You get 20%-25% interest per annum
  • You can also borrow money in times of need with a low interest rate
  • It is free of market fluctuations, unlike equity instruments, bonds, and mutual funds.
  • You can earn money by referring the App. (Rs 200 for every referral)
  • No financial knowledge required
  • Easy to understand and operate
  • To know more about how it works you can see the video here.

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5Paisa is a multilateral app for trading shares. It can be used to trade commodities, currencies, stocks, and mutual funds. For each deal, they charge a flat fee of 20. The client benefits from the brokerage’s independence from the exchange’s market value. Prepaid plans are also available to investors: Titanium, Optimum, and Platinum plans.


  • Trading is available in regional languages
  • No brokerage fee to open a mutual fund account
  • Depository Participant (DP) charges less than many other companies
  • Auto investor tools to make investing easy and smart.

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ET Money

It is one of the safest investment app for making transactions on the Indian market. It is a finance app supported by the Times Internet. It is made by India’s largest media conglomerate, The Times of India Group Company. You can invest in gold, insurance, mutual funds, personal Loans


  • Investment in direct mutual funds
  • Personal loans
  • Investment in insurance
  • Option to check credit score
  • Smart deposit account
  • Expense manager

The First Ever Social Platform For All Your Financial Needs.


This investment app is a blockchain-based universal platform that is backed by IDBI Trusteeship Services Limited. Through this platform, investors can trade cryptocurrencies or put money into digital gold and silver. In most cases, these funds work well as an inflation hedge.


  • Through UPI, investors can use digital assets like real money
  • Globally applicable dual vault system in India and the United Kingdom
  • Indian vaults can exchange their resources and get actual gold delivered

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Moneycontrol provides the most recent market news from India and around the world. All report about the monetary business sectors can be perused on this application. The app also lets you keep an eye on all of your investments from a single location. You can also put money into mutual funds with this investment app.


  • Latest news on Indian and international financial markets
  • Provides complete market coverage and analysis
  • Allows you to set alerts for your portfolio’s stocks

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Paytm Money

India’s fastest-growing trading and investment platform is Paytm Money. It offers stocks, IPOs, futures and options, mutual funds, ETFs, FDs, and NPS in one app for wealth management and investment.


  • No paperwork to open an account
  • Enables investors to place IPO orders 24×7
  • Price alert options so investors can trade at their desired price
  • Integrated portfolios for both short- and long-term horizons

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Smallcase is a platform for investing that is based on themes. Investors can choose a specific idea or industry to invest in. Share market investments will be more profitable than ever because of the ready-made portfolios that are equipped with effective investment strategies. Smallcase has teamed up with the best investment brokers, including Zerodha, HDFC Securities, Kotak Securities, Edelweiss, Axis Direct, and Angel Broking. This alone demonstrates the platform’s potential.


  • Innovative investment strategies
  • Combines advanced algorithms to provide the best support to the investors
  • Get expert advice from brokers and research analysts

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