Financial Problem Solving Strategies

Financial Problem

Have you ever experienced a financial problem? Do you feel like finances are holding you back from reaching your goals? That’s why having a good understanding of personal finance and money management are valuable skills for each one of us to understand.

This lesson provides a brief overview of the general problem-solving process and its application to common financial problems.

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Problem Solving Process

Let’s first look at a general problem solving process that you can apply to any situation, not just financial.

Identify The Problem

The first step to solving a problem is to recognize it. What exactly do you have to gain? You must get to the root of the problem and understand what you need to overcome. Here is a list of the most common financial problems people face:

  •  Lack of income/job loss
  •  Unexpected expenses
  •  Too much debt
  •  Need for financial independence
  •  Overspending or lack of budget
  •  Bad credit
  •  Lack of savings

 These common problems fall into one of three areas: you need more money, you need to reduce debt or change your spending habits.

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Make A Plan

Once you’ve identified the problem you need to overcome, it’s time to make a plan. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! We provide you with tips and places to start.

Problem 1: You need more money.

Whether you’ve lost your job, faced unexpected expenses or want to become more financially independent, some income is essential.

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Benefits of joining the Money Club

  • You get a community of verified friends with whom you can pool money.
  • You get into the habit of saving money.
  • You can borrow a sum several times greater than the amount you have invested.
  • When you need money, you just have to bid, and the money is in your bank account in six to eight hours.
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  • You can earn money from home. If you sign up to be a Money Club agent and recommend the service to 20 of your friends and family, you could win Rs 20,000.
  • You can earn 10% to 15% interest, whereas FDs and RDs in banks may only offer 4% to 6% interest.

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Problem 2: You must reduce your debt.

High interest rates or the need to live paycheck to paycheck, high debt can be exhausting. Sometimes it feels like climbing an endless mountain with an invisible peak. However, you can make your debt more manageable by prioritizing and negotiating.

 Try to list all your debts and related interest. Focus on paying the highest interest rates first. The best solution to stay away from debt is to start keeping aside some amount of money in the form of savings. Initially, they call for a little bit of financial restraint in our spending in order to secure our tomorrow. But trust me, when the investments begin to bear fruit, it gives us immense financial security and stability.

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Problem 3: You need to change your spending habits.

Moving from financial problems to financial health often requires organization and mindset. Avoiding overspending, accumulating savings and achieving financial independence can often be achieved through good spending habits.

 The first thing you can try is budgeting. Sticking to it can be difficult, but just creating a budget can help you see where you should start spending less.

 Create a savings plan outside of your budget. Start small. Even investing an extra Rs 100 can make a big difference. You can invest with the Money Club. Any time during the tenure, if you are faced with a financial emergency you can use the funds and keep repaying the amount in installments.

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Implement The Plan

Overcoming financial obstacles may require a lifestyle change, and it doesn’t happen overnight. But just having a plan can give you the confidence and peace of mind that you can eventually overcome whatever comes your way.

Although this part is the easiest to explain, it is often the hardest part to implement. It requires self-discipline and determination. The most important part of this step is to know that if your plan doesn’t work or if you struggle to stick to it, all is not lost. If this happens, go to the next step, evaluate your plan and repeat the process.

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Evaluate the Plan

Although this step is listed last, it can actually occur simultaneously with the implementation of the plan. Things happen and circumstances change, so you may need to reevaluate your plans. As you implement the plan, you must constantly evaluate it. Maybe something comes up and your original plan needs to be changed. You may have learned more along the way and realized that your original plan was half-baked. Or maybe your first plan went as planned and succeeded. Regardless of the circumstances, it’s always a good idea to look back and reevaluate. Try to answer the following questions:

  •  Was your problem solved? Have a new problem?
  •  What went right?
  •  What went wrong?
  •  What conditions have changed?
  •  Was there anything you didn’t consider?
  •  What was easy to carry out your plan?
  •  What was difficult about implementing your plan?

This step actually fixes the plan you created. Although this sounds easy enough, it is usually the most difficult step.


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