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What are Social Networks?

Every person has their own social network, which is made up of online and offline acquaintances, family, and friends. An online social networking site merely makes our social networks visible to others who are not in our immediate network. The features that distinguish a social network from a community are that people are held together by pre-established personal relationships, and the connections are built one at a time. Think about your own social network and how sites like Facebook mirror that set of connections. Most of the time, your “friends” on Facebook are a mix of family, classmates, neighbors, and coworkers.

Join The First Ever Social Network Which Helps You In Financial Crisis.

What are Social Communities?

Communities, in contrast to social networks, typically consist of individuals from all walks of life who appear to have no relationships at all. A common interest, such as a hobby, profession, location, or cause, is what holds community members together. Social communities are online communities using social platforms. In order to build a community it is essential to understand what benefits they can offer to members, regardless of the form and shape the online or social community takes.

Online and social community marketing is about using the power of online communities to:

  • Establish trustworthy interpersonal connections and networks.
  • Gather people whose profiles or interests are similar.
  • Get involved with these specific groups.

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Types of Social Communities

There are various kinds of online communities, each of which can serve a different purpose and target audience.

Support Communities: A place where users can ask for and get help with a particular topic, like an auto-repair community where people can ask for help with maintenance and repair.

Discussion Communities: A place where people can talk about things they like, like a community where people can talk about their favorite sports team, TV show, recipes or hobby, like painting.

Action Communities: A place where users can plan together and work toward a common goal, like a community that organizes funds for charity or a community that helps each other in financial crisis. Wondering how this community works, lets find out!

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Join The First Ever Social Network Which Helps You In Financial Crisis.

The First Ever Community Where People Get Help In Financial Crisis

Money Club is the first ever social network dedicated to helping members save money and support one another financially. Through the unique network of verified individuals, Money Club – Friend in Financial Need provides a secure and reliable platform for members to save and borrow money.

Why Do We Need To Save?

Having a stable financial future and accumulating wealth depend on a number of important factors, one of which is saving money. You can avoid many difficulties and barriers in life by setting aside money in a disciplined manner. It can help you in times of need and makes sure your family has funds for a rainy day. Following are a few reasons we need to save money for:

  • A health issue, car difficulties, home maintenance, or even a family event can all result in unforeseen costs, which are something we all have to deal with on a constant basis. Your ability to handle these unplanned charges will be much improved if you have a regular savings plan.
  • Saving allows you to enjoy greater security in life. If you have money saved away, you will have a safety net in case of hardship.
  • Another important reason to save money is your retirement. The sooner you start saving for retirement, the less you will have to save in the future. The time when people could only retire at age 60 is long gone. The goal of the current generation is to put in a few years of hard work and save enough moneyto retire early and enjoy life.

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Saving money on your own can be difficult, but with the help of a social community, it becomes much simpler. You will find that you are more motivated to achieving your objectives when you surround yourself with people who have common goals and are also committed to managing their finances. Keeping this in mind, Money Club not only provides you the first ever social network of verified peers where you can save money but also helps you borrow money in times of financial need. 

Not only that, Money Club has a referral program that rewards you for every person you invite to join us. It’s our way of saying thank you for spreading the word and helping others improve their financial lives. But it’s not just about the money, it’s about the connections you make and the impact you create. The platform’s easy-to-use and customizable saving programs are helping millions of people in the country who do not yet have access to the traditional banking system.

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Join As A Money Club Agent And Make Money Sitting At Home. 

Benefits Of Joining Money Club

  • It is the best platform for middle class families who are not able to get loans during any emergency and have to depend of money lenders who charge high interest. By saving small amounts regularly through this platform you can easily get a lumpsum amount in times of emergency.
  • You get a community of verified friends with whom you pool money.
  • You can borrow money that is several times as much as what you have invested.
  • You just have to bid when you need money and you receive the funds within 6 to 8 hours in your bank account.
  • All transactions are 100% digital and secured. Club members transfer funds directly into your bank account only.
  • You can make money sitting at home. Join as a Money Club agent and recommend Money Club to your 20 friends and family and get a chance to win Rs 20,000/-.
  • You can earn 10%-15% interest compared to FD’s/RD’s in banks which might give only about 4% to 6% interest.

So, Download The Money Club App and join the first ever social community which helps you with emergency funds for any financial emergency.

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