What Is Beesi Money Collection and Beesi Investment?

Beesi Money Collection

Many of us find it difficult to set aside a small amount from our earnings consistently to save for a future goal. Most of us do not find the right mix of services to cater to our needs, and more of us are reluctant to try out a platform we don’t trust. Today, in this article we are going to talk about an age-old method of savings called Beesi or Committee system.

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What Is Beesi Or Committee And How It Works?

Group Savings – ROSCAs, commonly known as committees or beesi, are an age old method of savings. Beesi or committee is the most convenient way to save a certain amount on monthly basis.

It is the most convenient traditional way of saving money by a group of people to get a lumpsum amount after a certain time. For example, 10 people decide to have a committee. They will pick a leader to collect money on monthly or weekly basis whatever is decided and he/she will be responsible to pay to everyone who is part of committee. 10 people decide to spare 1000 rupees a month means that everyone will be getting 10,000 rupees once during 10 months. To decide who gets it first, you either poll or decide verbally as per the needs.

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Do We Have The Same System Online?

Yes, with technology advancements and digitalization even these age old form of committees have gone online. By digitizing committees we can make money and savings simple and achievable for everyone and empower individuals by offering them a safe, secure, reliable and flexible digital solution.

No more finding people to save with or borrow. Money Club Committee is the first step towards financial freedom. Money Club is one such AI based committee platform where you can borrow and save safely with thousands of people across the country.

Money Club is India’s first digital savings platform which aims to make the Committee system effective, transparent, and accessible for all. It enables you to save for your future goals in a safe and reliable manner. If you are looking to become part of a committee, it connects you with the right group members using smart technology and ensures that contributions are made fully and on time.

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How Saving Money Becomes Easy With The Help of Community?

Features of Money Club Beesi/Committee System

  • Safe: Money Club committees are 100% safe and secure and consist only of members that have been verified by us.
  • On-time Payments: Money Club guarantees you will receive your committee payout on time with no delays.
  • Build a Financial Profile: Based on your payments and verified information, build a history with Money Club and create your financial profile. Having a financial profile is the first step to being financially independent. With Money Club, every member gets access to build their financial identify as they participate in Money Club committees.
  • There are other ways you can earn:
  1. If you refer the Money Club app you earn Rs 200 per referral
  2. If you become a Money Club agent and refer 20 members in 60 days period you can earn up to Rs 18000.


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Online Committee System: Simple Way to Raising Debt

The Digital Beesi Money Collection And Investment System

Benefits of Money Club Beesi/Committee System

  • You earn high returns

By investing in Money Club, net investors have made 3-5 times (on an average) of what they would have made if they invested the same amount in recurring deposits in banks. So if an RD gives you 6% annually , a Money Club can give you 18%-30% returns. You can contact us here to know more     

  • You save for sure

It creates a mechanism where you are forced to save. Instead of keeping the money idle in bank accounts, individuals save and rotate money among themselves.

  • You get hassle free loans when you really need it

Users bid their interest rates that start as low as 1% of the pooled in amount. Comparing it with the interest charged by banks over personal loans that are 15% p.a, we have seen that individuals pick up money at very low interest which can further become lower or even become profitable depending upon returns offered by bidding in other rounds. Till date the interest piad by the Net borrowers on The Money club is only 1/3rd to 1/4th of what they would have paid to the banks.

  • You form a financially trusted community that helps each other

Helps you a build financially trusted community you can roll back to- at the time of financial emergencies. You save your ego and will never need to ask for favors again!

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FAQs – Money Club Beesi System?

Why should I go for online beesi or committee when I can do the same thing offline?

The online beesi system provides transparency and convenience to all. It also eliminates cash transactions and every single penny is accounted here at the Money Club platform. The offline system of pooling up money and doing cash transactions is completely illegal.

Moreover, the Money Club app automates all the notifications and the transaction reminders. It informs everyone when the bid is due, when their payments are due, and also keeps everyone in the group informed about who has paid and who is yet to pay up.

How can I contribute and receive money in the Money Club beesi? How much money can I start with?

Users only need to make a commitment when they join a club on the app. This doesn’t require them to transfer funds at that time. After the bidding, a winner is declared based on the highest bid amount. The club members get a popup in the Money Club app, showing the details of the winner (UPI ID, bank account details, amount to be paid to the winner, etc.). Members can directly transfer the funds from their bank account to the winner’s bank account. They also need to update the transaction ID in the Money Club app immediately after making the payment.

To receive money, you need to update your account details (like your UPI ID) in the Money Club app so that when you win, your club members can get your UPI ID immediately in the app itself.

You can start with a contribution of 200 INR.

Do try saving at least 20-25% of your earnings. Start by joining our community. Set your goals and apply for a Money Club Beesi/Committee.

Happy savings!

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